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5 UX Design Tips to Maximize Long-Form Content

Brevity might be the soul of wit, but when it comes to marketing, long-form content rules. We’ve known this to be the case for a while; SEO marketing experts like Neil Patel describe the benefits of long-form content, detailing how longer blog posts are the secret to inbound marketing success.

But we’re not here to talk about the benefits of longer content, numerous as they may be. Instead, we’re looking at a few UX design tips that will support your long-form content assets and guarantee that users stay engaged as they read.

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Your Mobile Checkout UX Design Needs Work: 4 Improvement Tips

Checkout is, without question, the most important part of your eCommerce flow. The last thing you want to do is slip up in your UX design and drive customers away at the checkout page, wasting all the work you put into finding and bringing them into your marketing fold.

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9 UX and UI Design Concepts You Should Understand as a Manager

Posted on May 31, 2019 by Matt Stewart

Managers have a bigger responsibility in understanding these UX concepts than their teams. It’s the job of the manager to steer the ship—to lay the groundwork for their teams and then get out of the way and let them do their jobs. But how can you lay the groundwork if you aren’t familiar with the fundamentals of UX design guiding their processes? As a manager, it’s your job to be aware of these issues and make sure that you’re the control tower for your team.

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How to Apply Marketing Principles to your UX Design

UX design and digital marketing are similar disciplines with many overlapping techniques and skill sets. However, even though both professions are focused around interacting with customers, the two are often viewed as in competition with one another.

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Understanding the Difference between Tactical UX Design and Strategic UX Design

Posted on May 28, 2019 by Matt Stewart

If you’re designing a website, you know that user experience (UX) is essential to your overall success. You want to create a website that doesn’t just attract traffic but engages visitors once they arrive, is intuitive to use, and ultimately encourages them to follow through on your CTA. But even though this is a general description of UX, you might be surprised to find that this is only scratching the surface when it comes to the design concept. In fact, UX can be further broken down into a number of additional subcategories, with tactical UX and strategic UX design being two popular schools of thought.

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Ethics of Design: Are You Socially Responsible for User Habits?

Posted on May 24, 2019 by Matt Stewart

It’s natural for consumers to be curious about what’s going on behind the scenes of the internet machine, especially these days where data breaches, violations of user privacy, and social media infiltration campaigns are daily news.

We’re being bombarded by news reports detailing how websites, government agencies, and mega-corporations are buying and selling our personal information and leveraging what they find to push their own agendas.

There’s a lot for users to be worried about. And to make matters worse, even seemingly-innocent design choices are beginning to take their toll.

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Using Storytelling in UX Design

Posted on May 20, 2019 by Matt Stewart

Steve Jobs once said, “The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller.” Jobs was a gifted storyteller himself and sold the vision of the future to the modern world of technology users.

There are many areas in which UX design can benefit from effective storytelling, from the visual storytelling that helps graphic designers set up a landing page to the narrative logic that engineers use to create navigable web sites. However, we sometimes overlook a part of the UX design process that can benefit the most from storytelling. It is in the same place Steve Jobs used it when he sold the iPhone to the world – the pitch.

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6 Visual Web Design Tips To Make Your Website Stand Out

Posted on May 3, 2019 by Matt Stewart

Making a website stand out is an ongoing challenge for web designers. Design trends shift, evolve, and fade away—creating plenty of confusion about which trends actually work and which are remnants of a bygone era. To help clear things up, let’s review a few current web design trends that can help give your site a visual punch.

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Why Writing is Crucial for UX Design

You have a message that you want to communicate to your target market. Maybe you even hired copywriters to craft a compelling story that you just know will resonate with your audience. But sometimes even the best copy can fall short if it's not displayed in a way that's easy for web visitors to read. This disconnect between your audience and your words can often be remedied by having a UX writer fine-tune your web copy. If you've gone through the trouble of designing a site that is easy to navigate and intuitive to use, go the extra mile and make sure that a UX writer also has a hand in how your website's written content is displayed.

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Web Design Mausoleum: What You Need to Stop Doing for 2019

Web design trends come and go, making their mark on the digital landscape before a newer, more innovative design tactic takes their place. That’s the nature of the web design game.

It’s smart to brush up on web design trends every year and incorporate them where appropriate. It’s also smart to take a look back at what worked, what didn’t, and what trends are best left forgotten.

Are you guilty of trying to keep an outdated web design trend or tactic alive this year? Here are a handful of design trends not worth your time in 2019. 

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