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What Are the Most Effective Tools in Email Marketing?

Email might be one of the oldest internet platforms, but that doesn’t mean it’s obsolete. Email generates incredible returns on investment, bringing back an average of $38 for every dollar spent.

You read that right: 3,800% ROI. But you’re going to see those numbers only if you properly manage your email marketing campaigns.

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Are You Using the Most Effective Lead Nurturing Techniques in Your Business?

Not all leads are sales-ready after the first conversion. According to Marketo, approximately 96% of visitors that come to your website are not ready to buy. Instead, they’re more likely to be in the early stages of their buying journey - simply gathering information to define their problem and identifying possible solutions. You don’t want to lose a valuable lead simply because they’re not ready to buy, so what can you do? Using effective lead nurturing techniques, you can build a relationship with your prospects, positioning your brand as their trusted adviser. When they’re finally ready to make a purchase, you’ll be top of mind.

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Email Marketing 2018: Everything You Need to Know

A lot of marketers mistakenly believe email marketing is dead. The reality is quite the opposite. Email remains a strong, reliable and profitable way to grow business. Constant Contact reports that for every $1 spent on an email marketing campaign, the ROI is $38.

With an ROI like that, more marketers should be focused on email. Here are the best ways to ensure 2018 email marketing success.

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7 Ways to Successfully Use Email Marketing

Posted on July 10, 2017 by Janice Wood

When deployed correctly, email marketing can be a powerful tool in your marketing outreach. Email campaigns can be personalized, can be automated, and can be easily reconfigured over time—exactly what any agile marketing strategy needs. But to guarantee that your emails make an impact beyond simply cluttering up user inboxes, you need the right strategies backing you up.

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The Top 5 Effective Strategies for Inbound Marketing


Inbound marketing has proven itself to be an extremely effective form of marketing for businesses of all sizes. This is because smallercompanies can still achieve results on a small marketing budget. There are hundreds of inbound marketing strategies that you can use to achieve your marketing goals - whether it's to increase brand awareness, build brand authority, build brand trust, increase sales or increase leads. The following are the top 5 effective strategies for inbound marketing that you should consider:

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