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Our process begins with a thorough research process where we’ll evaluate your web environment, users, user interface, and long-term goals. This information forms the backbone of our UI / UX design strategy. Within this research phase, we’ll perform in-depth reviews of what assets you have available and what your target market expects to see. From there, we’ll work with you and go over recommendations for site development and design while keeping the user experience front-and-center of all decisions.

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Backed by our research findings, we’ll be ready to develop a roadmap to bring you to market. As part of the UX design process, this entails listing out each of the features, functions, and on-site elements you’ll need to create winning web pages for your audience and the user experience. We employ a combination of strategic planning and assessment tools that give us unique insight into each project’s best path for implementation. We’ll also identify specific user experience strategies measured by KPIs and metrics that offer insight into the long-term viability of your plan.

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Clickable Prototypes

You wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a test drive, and the same applies to testing the user experience of your website. That’s why we develop clickable prototypes for each design phase. This simple tool lets you test drive various design elements before implementation and get a feel for how users will interact with your page. This is helpful from a usability standpoint, but it also provides us valuable data on design choices and how to create a consistent UX language across all of your site assets.

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UX design is more than just data and metrics; it’s a concept designed to capture abstract ideas about usability and turn them into concrete website design elements. To make the process easier, we leverage moodboards as part of our development process. These tools act as a blueprint for how a design makes a user feel and the emotions associated with each layout – crucial aspects of any UX. We’ll develop an ongoing series of moodboards throughout the development process to ensure that all web elements elicit the exact response you want from your customers and help to improve the overall user experience.

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After all the planning, strategizing, and preparations are done, it’s time to begin the design. Our team will work on an iterative design process, supported by ongoing collaboration between your company and our designers, that helps bring your vision to life. Each development milestone will be sent to your team for approval before continuing to ensure that everyone is on the same page. We’ll continue this collaboration throughout each design step until you have a final product ready for launch. It’s our goal to ensure that this product is attractive, suitable for your brand, and indicative of the thorough UX planning work you’ve invested. That’s why we’re Atlanta’s best UI / UX Design Agency.

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Other UI/UX Design Services

  • UI/UX Audit
  • Visual Interactions
  • High Fidelity Clickable Prototypes

What Our Clients Say

iQagent ui design the creative momentum

“Our clients were absolutely thrilled with the interface, finding it to be extremely professional. Several of them have remarked on how easy it is to use our tool. The overall response has been extremely positive.”

Humana ui design the creative momentum

“The Creative Momentum took complex situations, figuring out the most straightforward user path. People visiting the site enjoyed its overall experience.”

Our Process

User Experience Design atlanta

1. Discovery

Starting the UI / UX design process begins with an audit of your company and determining which factors make your company stand out in the crowd. From there, we’ll perform research that includes stakeholder interviews, competitor assessments, and in-depth brand audits to inform our sitemap creation.

ui ux audit atlanta web design

2. UI/UX Audit

How do we know that your website meets your UX design goals? We perform a series of stakeholder interviews, target market interviews, and user surveys – backed by usability heuristic evaluations and analytics – to get concrete info on how well a site will perform.

ui ux strategy atlanta

3. Strategy

Our UI / UX design strategy will come from our analysis of your current website and competitors. With this data in hand, we’ll develop a personalized action plan with concrete implementation steps to bring your ideal website to life.

website wireframe atlanta web design

4. Wireframes/Layout

A website wireframe is a blueprint of your final product. We develop these wireframes with your goals and target market in mind, offering detailed rundowns of how each design phase will look before we put the plan into action which is a critical step in the UI / UX design process.

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5. Prototype

We use prototypes to gather feedback from users and researchers. Our UI / UX design team will iterate each design phase before it’s rolled out, giving you the chance to sign off on each milestone before development work begins in full.

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6. Designs

When it’s time to put the plan into action, our experienced designers will create custom designs and layouts for your approval. If something isn’t right, we’ll undergo as many revisions as necessary to ensure that all designs fit your brand’s goals and overall style.

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7. A/B Testing

We don’t just cross our fingers and hope for the best. We’ll put your new website through our proven iterative QA processes to make sure it maintains the quality you expect. Using specific test cases, we’ll ensure your website matches your vision and adjust elements accordingly. We aim to remain Atlanta’s best UI / UX web design agency, and our success is your success.