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What is Wordpress?

More than 20% of the websites out there are Wordpress. Wordpress is an easy to use and build website that gives you complete flexibility. Wordpress has 29+ thousand plugins that allows you to customize and build your website to fit your business needs.



Content management system (CMS) that gives you control over having e-commerce, online stores, website, blogs and much more.



Code not needed. If you have worked in Microsoft Word than you pretty much have the skills. You can accomplish great looking websites with little effort.



With over 29+ thousand plugins you have the ability to control just about every aspect or your website. Oh yeah…there are also tons of resources and knowledge bases.


Your Friend

Wordpress is build on new web technology (HTML5 & CSS3) that makes your website mobile friendly and SEO friendly from the start.

Customize your Wordpress
website to the fullest.

Save time and use The Creative Momentum to fully customize your Wordpress website. Our custom website abilities surpass any company. We have been ranked one of the best web design company's in america. We get off on making your website into a beautify experience while making the it very intuitive and user-friendly. Our number one priority is to drive leads and having the custom drill down to the appropriate conversions.


Wordpress is Awesome...BUT?!

Although Wordpress allows you accomplish a lot, there are still limitations on 100% freedom and customization. Wordpress isn't for every situation especially high-end website or sites of that nature…meaning very personalized / custom. Please refer to our full list of services if Wordpress doesn't fit your needs.


Let us help you.

Our expert can make the process seamless for you. You simply let us know you want it and we will install Wordpress and give you all of the appropriate information to get started.

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