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How Analytics Factor into Your Web Design

Web design—as a concept and a practice—is most often pictured in terms of user experience, user interface, and visual aesthetics. Traditionally, designers work with marketers to make data-driven, goal-oriented design choices that change the way a website looks, works, or responds to user interaction.

Today, smart marketers and designers understand that strong web design is powered by analytics-friendly design decisions.

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How to Prove That Brand Voice Actually Works

You’ve likely done some research on what it means to have an “effective” brand voice, but how can you be sure it’s resonating with your audience?

If you’re struggling here, don’t feel bad. Your brand’s voice is tough to measure. However, there are a few steps you can take to prove that your market is responding to what you’re putting out.

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How to Discover Your Brand Voice

There’s a lot of talk out there about a brand’s “voice” and what it means.

In the simplest terms, your brand voice is an agreed collaboration among executives, writers, marketers, and others in your company to project a certain image. It determines what you discuss in your corporate messaging, the tone you have, and how you want your company to be perceived from the outside.

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Quick SEO Wins You Can Utilize In 2019

Now that 2019 is in full swing, we’d like to talk about one of our favorite subjects: SEO. Last year provided some interesting updates to the SEO world, including the rise of voice queries and topic clusters, and we expect 2019 to do the same.

But today, we’d like to avoid talking about SEO strategies that take months and months to implement. If you want to hit the ground running in 2019, we suggest looking at these quick SEO wins and seeing what you can do for your own site as the year begins.

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Which Website Metrics Are Most Useful at Assessing Your Sales Funnel Performance?

The sales “funnel” is represented as such because of the natural discrepancies between motivation in buyers. The top comprises users with passive interest and the smallest number of buyers at the bottom of the funnel prepared for purchase and subscription.

However, while a decreasing pool of leads is natural for the sales funnel, it’s possible to also experience bottle necks around specific steps in the journey. The only way to identify bottle necks in your content strategy and sales funnel is by analyzing the appropriate metrics.

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The Benefits of Custom Websites Versus Templates or Themes

The advent of popular DIY web templates offers cheap and easy solutions for getting a website up and running – which is great for when your budget is tight and your expectations of your web presence are minimal. Unfortunately, the ubiquity of web templates makes it easy to blend into the crowd. Templates are the wrong solution if you’re approaching the web with your brand front and center, which you should be if you’re operating in a sizable industry with big competition.

From the top to bottom, everyone is balancing a budget when it comes to advertising and design. The question that any business operating in the age of smart phones needs ask is whether your web presence is the particular point at which you can afford to cut corners. A basic overview of the contemporary market landscape yields a resounding no.

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Using A/B Testing, Factorial Design, and Multivariate Tests for Deep Visitor Insights

Data is the driving force of website design. Changes should never be made on a whim; every change requires an investment of time and resources, and website owners shouldn’t consider making changes before ensuring that they’re justified. This applies to both small site owners making their way in the world and bigger agencies that need to defend their marketing spend to stakeholders.

Of course, different types of testing structures provide different information on website performance. Below, we’ll review a few of the most common options that marketers use.

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Icons and UX Web Design — A Usability Rundown

Icon use in UX web design is nothing new. Designers have taken advantage of icons for decades to tailor the user experience to be more intuitive, and the trend continues as popularity for mobile device usage rises. Icons serve an important role in helping experienced mobile designers make the most of on-screen real estate, direct the conversion conversation, and bring important elements into the spotlight. That’s why it’s essential to understand UX icon design best practices while you avoid common design mistakes that can influence icon success.

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Top 6 Best Inbound Marketing Best Practices for 2019

Forget 2018. 2019 is here—a new year with new possibilities—and we’re eager to share what we know.

Today we’re reviewing the inbound marketing landscape. We’ll be pulling facts from HubSpot’s State of Inbound 2018 report to provide context and much-needed data that will help us extrapolate on what trends companies can expect to see in the coming year. Consider these the new best practices for inbound marketing success in 2019.

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Do Your Mobile Form Fields Make Interaction Easy?

After a decade of designing mobile forms, smart designers know three things: design is constantly evolving, user needs are more refined, and the user experience is everything.

In 2018, more than 50% of the world’s internet traffic is driven by mobile phone usage, and 57% of all U.S. online traffic comes from either a phone or a tablet. This means your brand’s mobile experience needs to be crafted to maximize interaction if you want to help yourself to a slice of mobile traffic pie. But how do you maximize interaction through your mobile form design?

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