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What your Web Design Agency Needs FROM YOU to Hit Deadlines

Most of The Creative Momentum web design and web development projects go really well. Client/agency expectations are set from the start. All goals are communicated clearly. Every step of the way goes according to plan (more on this later). Design approvals happen on time, image selection happens on time, development decisions happen on time. The website launches and BAM – everyone is happy.


And then … there are the outliers that are not. In all transparency, here are the reasons why.

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6 A/B Testing Tools that Give You Actionable Insights

Posted on March 8, 2018 by Janice Wood

The idea of A/B testing should be SEO 101 for smart marketers. A big part of playing the marketing game and winning is finding out which pieces of your campaign are a perfect fit for the big-picture conversion puzzle. Fortunately, modern A/B testing tools come equipped with features and functions that help turn data into actionable insights.

Here are a few tools you should keep in your A/B testing toolbox.

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Google Launches a New Tool To Test Mobile Page Speed

Google has an agenda to push and it is very clear what it is. For years now, Google has been pushing for a more mobile friendly internet experience. In 2015, Google announced “Mobilegeddon,” the first algorithm to prioritize sites that are responsive or mobile friendly. In 2016, Google revealed to webmasters that they will be moving towards mobile-first indexing and in 2017, mobile-first indexing began rolling out. On February 26, Google offers a new easy-to-use tool, the Speed Scorecard, that uses the Chrome User Experience Report to help you compare your site against competitors in page load time.

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Impacts of Minimalism in Web Design

Choosing the right design for your website is just as important as coming up with your branding and marketing strategies. You want your business' web design to look appealing but not by sacrificing the user experience. 

One of the most common mistakes that web designers make when creating webpages is to incorporate flashy images and plug-ins for no reason other than they look cool.

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5 Things We Did to Increase E-Commerce Sales by 622%

The Problem

In Spring of 2017, we were approached by an e-commerce company struggling with sales. Here’s a little background information on the company and their problem.

Here are the metrics the month prior to The Creative Momentum taking over:

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Visual Content Options for Marketing and Web Design

Visual Content Options for Marketing and Web Design

A 2016 report by Social Media Examiner found that 37 percent of marketers believe that visuals are the most important content style for their marketing goals, barely falling short of blogging (38 percent).

Visual content is everywhere, and marketers have more options than ever. At the minimum, incorporate the following five visual content styles into your strategies.


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What is inbound marketing?


Even if you’ve never heard the term inbound marketing, you’ve almost certainly seen it in action.

Imagine going to Best Buy to pick out a new laptop. As you’re deciding between a couple options, a sales rep walks up and starts going on about how great laptop “A” is. It has incredible features! Look at the crystal clear HD display! You’ll die before the battery does!

But you aren’t listening. You’re not interested in being sold to—you’re not even sure what you want yet!

At this point, you’re more interested in discovering what options are available. You ditch the rep and notice that laptop B has a digital kiosk that explains the product’s benefits. You spend some time watching the videos, learning about the product, and forming a decision on your own.

You’re not ready to buy today, but as you leave the store, you’re struck by the difference in the two experiences:

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5 Best Blogs to Follow About SEO

SEO is the backbone of content writing and getting your website seen. But with so many voices offering SEO best practices, it can be hard to tell which pundits offer the most updated, trustworthy advice. To help you narrow down your search, we recommend the following five blogs.

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How to Increase Shopping Cart Conversions on Your eCommerce Website

There’s nothing worse than carefully guiding customers through every stage of your eCommerce website only to lose them right before they pull the trigger. Shopping cart abandonment can be a tricky problem to address, but with these time-tested strategies backing you up, you can substantially increase your shopping cart conversion revenue .  
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Why User Experience Matters

The user experience (UX) matters because it’s directly tied to how users perceive your site. If they have a poor UX while browsing your page, it’s unlikely they’ll stay long, recommend others to the site, or sign up for your marketing materials. In fact, research shows that 88 percent of your customers won’t give you another chance after a bad experience.

Our individual preferences play a big role in the sites we frequent, so building an effective UX strategy might seem overwhelming. But in our experience, we’ve found that a quality UX can be summarized with three ideas:

  • Simplicity
  • Clarity
  • Consistency
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