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How to Create and Incorporate Bottom-of-the-Funnel Content Into Your Content Strategy

Bottom-of-the-funnel or decision-stage content is the content that brands can use to finally talk about themselves and how they are best positioned to solve the challenges of their buyer. During the decision stage, potential buyers are looking to evaluate and compare specific products or solutions and the companies who provide them. Up until this point in their buyers journey, the prospect wasn’t ready to review this kind of information. And sending decision-stage to prospects before they’re interested will likely get you ignored, or even worse, annoy them!

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Are You Using the Most Effective Lead Nurturing Techniques in Your Business?

Not all leads are sales-ready after the first conversion. According to Marketo, approximately 96% of visitors that come to your website are not ready to buy. Instead, they’re more likely to be in the early stages of their buying journey - simply gathering information to define their problem and identifying possible solutions. You don’t want to lose a valuable lead simply because they’re not ready to buy, so what can you do? Using effective lead nurturing techniques, you can build a relationship with your prospects, positioning your brand as their trusted adviser. When they’re finally ready to make a purchase, you’ll be top of mind.

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Content Marketing is More Than an Editorial Calendar

Content marketing generates three times the leads of outbound marketing at 62% of the cost. With that kind of incentive, it’s no wonder that content creation has become such a central facet of modern marketing. Before you jump into the fray, however, you’re going to want a solid content strategy.

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Permission-Based Marketing: Only if You Ask Nicely

Remember the rapturous joy you felt last time you were contacted by a telemarketer? Sure, you were stretched thin at work, and your home life landed somewhere between Hurricane Katrina and Bosnia circa 1995, but – get this – you might be overpaying for your family minutes!

Ok, take a deep breath.

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Mythbusters SEO Edition: 5 Old Wives Tales about SEO to Ditch

The SEO community presents few authoritative voices amidst the endless crowd of upstarts, self-proclaimed gurus, and DIY enthusiasts. Taken in combination with the regular updates to Google algorithms that fuel constant shifts in SEO, the inevitable result is a community plagued by rumors and misconceptions. To help clear the muddied waters, here are a few SEO myths that belong up there with Bigfoot and fan death.

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Considerations on Content Length

Eighty percent of people will only read the headline or first few lines of an article and move on. So, with that in mind, keep your content to the point and have a nice day.

Ok, headlines matter. That doesn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone, but the reality is that people have different expectations of the content that they engage with. Target market, industry, and the nature of the content all factor into the expectations users have about length. Context is key. So with that in mind, here are several key considerations about content length.

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Why your Business Needs to Use Social Media

When clients hire us to do their inbound marketing, a startling number of them say, “We don’t use social media.” Or, “Our clients aren’t on social media.” Or, “Our clients are on LinkedIn, but not Twitter.”

Your clients are on social media and you need to be using social media to reach them. And this is why.

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How to Become a Better Marketing Content Writer

Posted on July 26, 2017 by Janice Wood

The news is out – content is king. Everyone is writing, posting to social media and gating their content. Inbound marketers are using those outlets to find and woo their ideal buyer persona.

Sometimes, the content we are posting is great. Other times, it's the exact same thing someone else just posted or what we’ve written is bad. Typo bad. Run-on sentence bad. Tired and boring bad. Hard to read bad. Too casual and filled with slang bad.

We recently had an internal blogging contest, where we encouraged the members of our team to create a topic specific to their job role and to take a shot at writing it up. Even if they can’t write. And, here is an insight – they’ve been our best-performing blogs to date.

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How Social Media & Blogging Work Together to Boost Business

Posted on July 19, 2017 by Janice Wood

Social media and blogging are two aspects of digital marketing that used to be separate – even competing – processes. The logic was that the fast-paced nature of social media marketing was inconsistent with the thoughtful, long-term approach offered by content marketing.

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How Strategic Content Marketing Boosts SEO

For all the talk spread across the internet about the virtues of content marketing and best SEO practices, we’re surprised to see that many businesses still don’t understand the true nature of the relationship between the two. Content marketing drives SEO. SEO powers content marketing. In many ways, they’re simply two sides of the same coin.

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