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What is Google’s Keyword Quality Score?

“Quality score is one of the single most important metrics in Adwords and also one of the most ignored. No other metric has the impact that a bad, or good, quality score can have on a campaign.”  – Brent Wildman, Search Marketing Manager


There has been an update to how we view and access Google’s Quality Rating and the relevance of keywords to your ads. Due to these visual changes to reporting, advertisers are now able to easily identify underperforming metrics and compare changes and updates to historical performance.

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PPC Landing Page Best Practices 2017

There’s no such thing as free access. Whichever direction you’re taking it in, you’re always spending time, money or resources on your digital marketing campaign. When it comes to PPC, there’s a much more intimate and immediate sense of your expenses. It’s right there in the name after all, “pay per click,” and since you are paying, you may want to keep a few best practices in mind when you’re developing your PPC landing page.

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Google AdWords, Ad Extensions and Price Extensions – Defined

In 2000, Google introduced a service called AdWords. It allows businesses to pay for space on Google’s front page – the mecca of all billboards.

Over the last 17 years, Google has expanded on its original concept quite a bit by creating Ad Extensions and Price Extensions. They are separate pieces of the search engine giant’s advertising puzzle.

In this blog, we will break down how all of these terms are defined and how they benefit your business.

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Learn How to Simplify the Process of Great Web Design

One of the most important decisions you will ever make for your business is selecting a great web design firm, because your website directly affects how people view your company. 


The web design process can be overwhelming, so we wanted to show you step-by-step how great websites are created. This free whitepaper guides you from start to finish and points out common pitfalls along the way. 

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Using AdWords Pay-Per-Click Data for Your SEO Title Development

In case you didn’t know, Google AdWords’ PPC campaign is a great tool to capture the attention of a larger audience. Were you also aware that your PPC campaign is the perfect platform for testing the waters of your top SEO strategies? If you haven’t considered using AdWords PPC data as your own personal marketing research tool, here are some reasons why you should:

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How to Stretch Your AdWords Budget and Keep More Profit

Let’s take a moment out of our day and share a dream.

In this dream, your company is run by eccentric millionaires.

Millionaires who love marketing.

Millionaires with a curious penchant for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertisement.

These fictional figureheads would be open to experimentation and would give your team free reign to dump as much money as you could spend into your PPC AdWords campaign. What you do wouldn’t matter. You could brute force your way through your PPC strategy, buying keywords like a digital drunken sailor without a care in the world.

Full stop.

In the words of Eminem: “Snap back to reality. Oh, there goes gravity.”

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Mistakes Stopping You From Getting the Most From Your PPC Campaign

There is no shortage of pay-per-click platforms out there these days.

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4 Basic — But Essential — Landing Page Optimization Tips

Your landing pages are a pretty big deal — they’re the focal point of your marketing campaign, CTAs, and conversion rates. Whether you’re looking at a click-through or lead generation page, this is where you want to ensure that you’re putting the very best of your brand forward. After all of your hard work, landing pages are the last place where you want the end-user to see blemishes. To keep you on top of your game, here are a few simple tips to get your point across:

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5 PPC Tips Your Business Can’t Be Without

Pay-per-click advertising can be an excellent way to boost your sales and advertise your goods or services. Research has shown that ads, depending on their placement, can positively influence your site’s click-through rate.

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Pay Per Click Campaigns and Why You Should Hire an Agency

Pay Per Click Campaigns are the digital billboards of the information age. The nice thing about the system is that rather than paying for space, you only pay for customers who show interest. However, while the appeal is obvious, the practice is nuanced, and the truth is that you may just be better off seeking professional help before you delve into the world of PPC promotion.

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