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Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign Strategy

The most hotly-contested real estate on the internet is to be ranked at the top of search results. The best way to reach the top of Google rankings is to use proper SEO practices, but it takes time to build equity. The higher you rank, the more visibility and customers you're likely to get—which means more money!
A popular way to shortcut the process (though not to replace SEO entirely) is with pay per click (PPC) ads. In exchange for payment, search engines will push your content to the top of the results, and you pay them every time someone clicks your ad. 
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Tips for Using Feeds in Your PPC Campaigns

“Tips for Using Feeds in Your PPC Campaigns” alongside of a grid of mobile phones showing Google’s homepage.Designing for the digital environment is all about ease of use and creating an intuitive experience. Websites need to be sleeker and faster, copy needs to be scannable for quick reads, and eCommerce businesses need to make it easy for customers to find the products they want and to check out in as few clicks as possible. The longer it takes, the more customers you lose.

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A Rundown of Google’s COVID Business Assessment Tools

As the world continues to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, Google has developed a Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources and Updates page for businesses that are learning to adapt. This excellent resource is a series of checklists and guides that help companies adjust their digital presence so they provide clear information to consumers, and adjust advertising efforts based on timely discoveries. Here is a quick rundown of the business assessment tools Google has provided to help your company adapt to the coronavirus crisis.

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