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Janice Wood

Janice's background in content writing means she can see a typo from down the hall. She has more than a decade of marketing experience in several industries, including a financial technical analysis firm and the prestigious High Museum of Art, where her responsibilities spanned drinking wine on the piazza, managing email campaigns, direct mail, print projects, webpage copy, event planning and project management.
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Visual Content Options for Marketing and Web Design

Visual Content Options for Marketing and Web Design

A 2016 report by Social Media Examiner found that 37 percent of marketers believe that visuals are the most important content style for their marketing goals, barely falling short of blogging (38 percent).

Visual content is everywhere, and marketers have more options than ever. At the minimum, incorporate the following five visual content styles into your strategies.


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What is inbound marketing?


Even if you’ve never heard the term inbound marketing, you’ve almost certainly seen it in action.

Imagine going to Best Buy to pick out a new laptop. As you’re deciding between a couple options, a sales rep walks up and starts going on about how great laptop “A” is. It has incredible features! Look at the crystal clear HD display! You’ll die before the battery does!

But you aren’t listening. You’re not interested in being sold to—you’re not even sure what you want yet!

At this point, you’re more interested in discovering what options are available. You ditch the rep and notice that laptop B has a digital kiosk that explains the product’s benefits. You spend some time watching the videos, learning about the product, and forming a decision on your own.

You’re not ready to buy today, but as you leave the store, you’re struck by the difference in the two experiences:

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How to Develop a Negative Buyer Persona

How to Develop a Negative Buyer Persona

We hate to be a Negative Nancy, but not all clients are great. Some clients think they have the budget to invest in their website project and then don’t. Others miss every deadline we give them (we can’t build a website without copy, images and the go-ahead on design decisions). A few are even verbally combative and think it’s okay to behave that way because they are paying us.


We recommend developing buyer personas – a fictional representation of your ideal client. And we also recommend developing a negative buyer persona – a fictional representation of the clients that benefit your business the least.

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5 Methods for Building Impossible-to-Ignore Landing Pages

5 Methods for Building Landing Pages

Landing pages are a tested, measured and proven strategy to convert visitors you're driving to your website. So why aren't more companies using them? We find that a lot of businesses market on social media, their website and PPC campaigns and drive all of those visitors to the same page – or worse, the homepage of their website. 


These businesses are missing out on a valuable opportunity to slice and dice their marketing materials by buyer persona, the backbone of inbound marketing, which costs 62% LESS than outbound marketing. 


So, bottom line: you should be building impossible-to-ignore landing pages. Here's how.

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"Alexa, what is the future of voice search?"


The Jetsons featured 10 robots during its television run in the 1960’s. The robots could shake out a rug, cook, vacuum, do laundry or bathe and clothe their owners in less than 10 seconds. The main robot character, Rosie, had a wonderful and warm demeanor, personifying a hunk of metal we’ve been romanticizing for almost 60 years. She represented an era that would be easier, with robots taking care of menial tasks and waiting on us, hand and foot.


The robot characters on The Jetsons were set in 2062, 100 years before the show aired. So that makes us … 44 years early!


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Email Marketing 2018: Everything You Need to Know

A lot of marketers mistakenly believe email marketing is dead. The reality is quite the opposite. Email remains a strong, reliable and profitable way to grow business. Constant Contact reports that for every $1 spent on an email marketing campaign, the ROI is $38.

With an ROI like that, more marketers should be focused on email. Here are the best ways to ensure 2018 email marketing success.

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Why your Business Needs to Use Social Media

When clients hire us to do their inbound marketing, a startling number of them say, “We don’t use social media.” Or, “Our clients aren’t on social media.” Or, “Our clients are on LinkedIn, but not Twitter.”

Your clients are on social media and you need to be using social media to reach them. And this is why.

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How Video Marketing Impacts Your Website’s SEO and Social Media Accounts


Cisco forecasts that by 2021, video will drive 82% of all internet traffic. Marketers must accept this disruptor and prepare for it. People love video because it’s a “quick win.” We can consume content without reading an entire blog. We can see products we are evaluating for purchase and watch them in use. People are spending more than an hour every week watching video on social media.

So the question is: How can I use video marketing to benefit my business?

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What Does Twitter’s New 280 Character Count Mean for Marketers?

Yesterday, Twitter announced on its blog the character count limit would increase for everyone from 140 to 280. They began testing the higher character limit and found it did not drastically alter the way people use Twitter, which is popular for its brevity.

When testing began in September, marketers naturally began to wonder how this would affect the way we talk to audiences on social media. With literally DOUBLE the text, would our message be diluted by half?

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Best Navigation Tips to Improve SEO

If you think Google isn’t looking at the navigation on your website, think again.

For search engines, the goal is to offer users the BEST results. If they don’t, people will stop trusting search engines and that is bad for business.

Usability is a major component of search engine rankings. Google and other search engines analyze how long users stay on a page and adjust their findings appropriately. If the majority of users land on a website and don’t stay for very long, Google realizes the website is either irrelevant or difficult to use.

Here are our top tips to optimize your website navigation.

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