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Matt Stewart

Matt has worked as a Creative/Art Director for over 16 years, specializing in UX/UI design. He has worked as both a designer and developer on projects from an Art Director & lead design for Kellogg's careers site to a front-end developer for Exide Batteries site.
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Going Beyond the UX: Anticipatory Design

Reports from market research firm Forrester show that a well-designed UX can increase a website’s conversion rate by up to 400 percent. With numbers like that, it’s no surprise that UX design is a perennial topic in marketing circles! But today, we’d like to go beyond these basic principles and review a newer way to look at the UX: Anticipatory design (AD).

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What Is a Wireframe and How Does It Help Your Web Design?

Renowned author and UX expert Steve Krug is renowned for a reason: He knows what makes a good user experience. As we’ve discussed, a central tenet of the UX is creating simple web interfaces that are compelling, easy to understand, and most of all, intuitive. These are lofty goals to reach for those unfamiliar with the web development process, but for designers, it all begins in one place: The wireframe.

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The Role of AI Chatbots in the Future of UX Web Design

The customer experience is the most important element influencing your business’s success, and today’s customer experience centers around the company website. Conversion rates improve when a well-crafted user experience is aesthetically pleasing, intuitive, and improves customer loyalty, so it’s in your best interests to make sure UX design surpasses customer expectations.

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A Well-Crafted User Experience Holds the Key to Improving Your Customer Loyalty


“It was terrible. I felt personally insulted by the ineptitude of their design. I have never wasted so much of my life on a simple task, suffering through such a misguided, haphazard, and unintuitive interface. I have been a loyal customer ever since.”

product review by nobody, anywhere, ever

A solid user experience (UX) design is a winning strategy to reel in repeat business. People like interacting with things that make them happy. Go figure.

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Four Lessons We Have Learned From Using Illustration for Marketing Storytelling

The power of storytelling is taking hold in the marketing world, and for good reason—it works. As humans, we’re predisposed to love a good story. They resonate in our minds and teach us about ourselves.

In service of this, companies are gearing their marketing towards storytelling across all fronts—web design, social media, email marketing, and more. And in our experience as a web design firm, we've noticed that one particular strategy can yield great results in this respect: Illustrations!

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Remember Usability When Rethinking UX Design

“Usability” is a measure of efficiency, ease of use, and accessibility.” User experience” is a measure of how much a product blows your mind.

When you declare total anarchy for the sake of memorable UX, you sacrifice usability.

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Anticipate and Execute: The Future of UX Design

As companies grow and develop, their business needs change. Their target audience may change as well. Successful web design has always been about anticipating how a customer will interact with a website and designing it with that interaction in mind. The future of UX design is in design automation, UX design for Augmented Reality, and the changing role of a UX designer.

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How CTA Colors Affect Website Conversions

The power of color in web design is well-established. Most of us know the basics of color theory already: Blue is soothing. Red is passionate. Orange is energetic. It bears repeating, but it’s not earth-shattering news.

What’s more interesting to us than color psychology is how you can leverage this psychology to drive on-site behavior. Can you use specific colors to influence action?

The most obvious target for this, of course, is your website’s CTA.

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To Stock or Not to Stock: How Graphic Designers Approach Photography for Website Design

We’re long past the days of “stock photos” being shorthand for lazy design. These days, many high-quality stock libraries are produced with care and are vetted by teams of creative professionals to make sure the images are up to par.

There’s a lot of work that goes into stock photos, and website owners shouldn’t underestimate their potential.

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Web Design Distractions Affecting Your E-Commerce Strategy

If you’ve followed any of our previous blog posts, you may have noticed that we’re not big fans of clutter in web design. Websites rife with distracting text and imagery overwhelm users and steal attention away from the most important aspects.

Here are three essential considerations for an e-commerce website designed with concise imagery and messaging.

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