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Aaron Abbott

Aaron Abbott has a diverse background, most recently as the Director of Digital Marketing at The Creative Momentum, in Atlanta, GA. Before joining The Creative Momentum, Aaron worked as the SEO & Analytics Manager for Big Drum, Inc., an Atlanta-based search engine marketing agency.
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11 Inbound & Marketing Automation Features to Ponder

Have you been thinking about HubSpot for your organization, or business—or even another marketing automation suite, such as Pardot or Marketo? Marketing automation and inbound marketing methodologies are essential to every successful digital marketing strategy. These marketing processes however, need to be supported by software that has been specifically developed to execute on the methods and techniques that are involved.

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SEO Promises. SEO Fails. Healthy & Meaningful Organic Rankings.

Has SEO evolved into a snake-oil industry? Think about how many times you have received emails from out of nowhere, telling you how bad your website needs to be optimized, and how fast they can get you ranking #1.

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How CEOs Need to Look at SEO, Rankings, & Everything Organic

Dear CEO, please stop looking at rankings everyday. Please stop asking why did this particular keyword go from #2 to #4 last week. And please, stop looking at rankings everyday. That was said for the second time, purposefully.

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How an Inbound Agency can Help Align Your Sales & Marketing Process

You are the sales person and know what you need to qualify a lead, so that you can determine if a prospect is worth your time and effort. You are the marketer and you need to understand what information you need to capture for the sales team. Now you are the business owner- do you know if this is happening in your organization? Or is it a battle between departments, where nothing is getting done? You would be surprised at how many companies struggle to ensure the alignment of their sales and marketing teams. HubSpot, an excellent choice in marketing automation software solutions, coined a clever term, Smarketing. This is the mechanism by which an inbound marketing agency is able to help you hone your marketing and sales processes.

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Infographic - Inbound Marketing Methodology & Results

We love inbound and all it means to the future of how businesses market their offers around the needs of their consumers—the very needs that are defined by their consumers. This infographic presents you with the data points along the stages of our inbound marketing methodology. Please let us know what you think by commenting below.

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SEO Died! What is an Inbound Marketing Agency To Do?

It’s time to stop focusing on SEO as an isolated lead source, or marketing strategy! Yes, you read that correctly; it’s time to stop relying on SEO as a standalone source for traffic and customers/clients. If you think, “target my customer’s intent and focus on driving conversions, by unifying each of the inbound marketing channels,” you’ll never lose!

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Leasing Keywords versus Owning Keywords

PPC (Pay-Per-Click ads, the Sponsored links and purchased ads on Google search) is immediate, but organic is everlasting. Paid is easy, while organic has to be earned. Paid converts, but not as well as organic. So why would you keep spending all of your money on PPC campaigns, while ignoring organic?

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Is Inbound Marketing Relevant for Large Companies?

Large companies agree on the growing ineffectiveness of outbound, with “approximately 32% of survey respondents whose companies identify as primarily outbound organizations [typically larger companies] call[ing] paid advertising the most overrated marketing tactic” and that they are essentially throwing dollars at big budgets containing traditional media because that’s how it’s always been done.

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