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Kristen Traynor

As an experienced, creative inbound marketing expert, Kristen oversees the development and implementation of marketing and lead generation strategies for businesses of all sizes. Throughout her career, Kristen has worked with organizations from a wide range of industries - including finance, insurance, supply chain and software - across the US and Europe. Today, she uses that deep experience to help businesses tell their stories online, to grow traffic, leads and sales.
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How to Prove That Brand Voice Actually Works

You’ve likely done some research on what it means to have an “effective” brand voice, but how can you be sure it’s resonating with your audience?

If you’re struggling here, don’t feel bad. Your brand’s voice is tough to measure. However, there are a few steps you can take to prove that your market is responding to what you’re putting out.

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How to Discover Your Brand Voice

There’s a lot of talk out there about a brand’s “voice” and what it means.

In the simplest terms, your brand voice is an agreed collaboration among executives, writers, marketers, and others in your company to project a certain image. It determines what you discuss in your corporate messaging, the tone you have, and how you want your company to be perceived from the outside.

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Which Website Metrics Are Most Useful at Assessing Your Sales Funnel Performance?

The sales “funnel” is represented as such because of the natural discrepancies between motivation in buyers. The top comprises users with passive interest and the smallest number of buyers at the bottom of the funnel prepared for purchase and subscription.

However, while a decreasing pool of leads is natural for the sales funnel, it’s possible to also experience bottle necks around specific steps in the journey. The only way to identify bottle necks in your content strategy and sales funnel is by analyzing the appropriate metrics.

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Top 6 Best Inbound Marketing Best Practices for 2019

Forget 2018. 2019 is here—a new year with new possibilities—and we’re eager to share what we know.

Today we’re reviewing the inbound marketing landscape. We’ll be pulling facts from HubSpot’s State of Inbound 2018 report to provide context and much-needed data that will help us extrapolate on what trends companies can expect to see in the coming year. Consider these the new best practices for inbound marketing success in 2019.

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How to Apply Strategic Social Proof to Generate More Leads

Social proof is a popular and effective means of product promotion. In fact, 91% of people read product reviews regularly or occasionally, and 84% trust them as much as word of mouth from friends. With stats like that, it’s no wonder that testimonials, shout-outs, and review sections are commonplace across the web. The issue is that not all social proof is created equal. A new study out of CXL Institute matches numbers to results based on a quantitative study with eye-tracking, surveys, and more.

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What is Dynamic Retargeting in Inbound Marketing?


Dynamic retargeting or “remarketing” is the phenomenon by which your displayed ads serve as friendly reminders that your search history and purchases are being tracked. Past user behaviors dictate the types of ads that are shown in line with previous purchases and views.

So, you order your new pair of chucks online, when, lo and behold, your Facebook feed and AdWords banners are filled with ads for shoe laces, decals, skateboards, and energy drinks.

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Your How-To Guide for Performing a Site-Wide Content Audit

Content audits help you understand how each piece of content on your website fits into the marketing funnel. You can also gauge the effectiveness of your content as part of your marketing strategy when you conduct a thorough, site-wide content audit, but doing so can be an intimidating, complex undertaking. Here’s what you need to know.

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Understanding the Buyer's Journey

The concept of inbound marketing revolves around the exchange of information – businesses provide helpful content that website visitors are searching for in exchange for personal information that converts them into leads and ultimately into customers. When putting the approach into practice, “producing good content” is a great place to start, but it doesn’t quite encapsulate the nuances of a well-crafted, targeted content marketing strategy.

A solid inbound marketing strategy begins with target market (or buyer persona) data and a plan to produce and distribute the content that each buyer needs at just the right time. Critical to developing that plan is the concept of the buying cycle i.e. the buyer’s journey.

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Understanding the Basics of a Solid Call-to-Action (CTA) Button


Realistically, calls-to-action are a large component of your content strategy. It's more than just throwing out a catchy one-liner. A solid CTAs fits seamlessly into the broader messaging of a campaign narrative. Before you get to work developing your Pulitzer Prize-winning ad copy, it’s worth reviewing the basics of what makes a good CTA.

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How to Successfully Repurpose Content

Content creation is one of the most time-consuming pieces of an inbound marketing campaign. Even before the content begins to take shape, topics are generated and floated for approvals. Research must be done. And, in the case of whitepapers, eBooks and infographics, a design team is involved.

So, if all of this time goes into creating just one piece of content, why do so many marketers use that content only once? Fear of redundancy. We worry our content will come off as stale, or someone will think, “Don’t they have anything else to post?”

But there are strategies to make your content grow roots and to repurpose it successfully.

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