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Kristen Traynor

As an experienced, creative inbound marketing expert, Kristen oversees the development and implementation of marketing and lead generation strategies for businesses of all sizes. Throughout her career, Kristen has worked with organizations from a wide range of industries - including finance, insurance, supply chain and software - across the US and Europe. Today, she uses that deep experience to help businesses tell their stories online, to grow traffic, leads and sales.
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Lead Generation Strategies to Improve Inbound Marketing Success

Inbound marketing strategies are the “pull” approach that balances out the “push” tactic of most traditional outbound marketing campaigns. Inbound marketing efforts aim to use content (articles, eBooks, white papers, etc.) to provide lead generation opportunities and pull in potential customers rather than trying to push a message at consumers in hopes of creating an impactful response.

Inbound marketing relies on quality content, and the right content can act as lead generation fuel for a long time. One-time resource investments in inbound marketing tactics like a viral video or a long-form blog article can turn into some of the best lead-generating content you have to offer.

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4 Characteristics of the Best Web Design Firms

There are literally thousands of options when it comes to hiring a web design firm, and finding the right fit for your company can be time consuming and stressful. With so much competition in the marketplace, it can be difficult to know what to look for when selecting an agency partner.

Your website is one of your most valuable and visible marketing assets. While you may only care about getting your website up and running as quickly as possible, choosing the wrong partner can be a costly mistake. Web design agencies are far from being created equal. So, to help you narrow the field, here are the top 4 traits you should look for to make sure you’re partnering with a truly great web design agency.

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Integrated Marketing Marries Inbound with Outbound for Stronger Campaigns

Most business owners know that marketing is essential to their success. Being profitable in business requires more than just creating a superior product or service. If you want people to actually know who you are, and transition from one-time buyers to loyal customers, you need to find a way to get the word out about your business. And this is where marketing comes into the picture. But with all the different strategies being promoted as the ultimate way to build a solid lead and sales funnel, it can be overwhelming to know which strategy to implement.

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Inbound Marketing Strategies for People-Oriented Businesses

If yours is in an industry that focuses on long-lasting relationships between your employees and customers, such as healthcare or education, some common inbound marketing techniques can seem impersonal. Traditional engagement marketing tactics may not produce the desired connection with new leads and can lead to a stagnant marketing campaign that fails to connect.

However, there are several great ways to build a strong connection with potential clients in these customer-oriented industries. Here are nine strategies to reach your audience and convert leads.

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What Is Co-Marketing and How Can I Use It For Inbound?

Even if you haven’t heard the specific term “co-marketing,” you’ve definitely seen it in action.

Co-marketing is just as it sounds: two companies joining forces to reach a bigger audience than either could manage on its own. These are partnerships based around mutual value; both companies contribute to a marketing message, cross-promote that message on their channels, and together, reap the benefits of shared promotion.

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Tips for Personalizing Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Regardless of the industry, email remains one of the most powerful inbound marketing tactics. There are few other options that consistently allow marketers to cater specific, tested, and customized messages to individuals and businesses that could benefit from your services. With the advent of CRM (customer relationship management) systems, which provide valuable analytics, marketers can cater to hyper-specific customer niches. The opportunity to deliver the exact message to the right person at the right time is easier than ever.

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B2B and B2C Inbound Marketing: Differences and Similarities You Should Know

On the surface, the inbound marketing practices used in business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) have a lot in common. 

Both strategies require a thorough understanding of the company’s target market. Both strategies involve addressing customers through a structured buyer’s journey framework. And overall, both strategies have the same goal: capturing prospects’ attention and giving them the nudge they need to purchase.

There are plenty of similarities, but there are also substantial differences in how they work and what customers expect. Let’s review these distinctions in more detail.

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How to Apply Marketing Principles to your UX Design

UX design and digital marketing are similar disciplines with many overlapping techniques and skill sets. However, even though both professions are focused around interacting with customers, the two are often viewed as in competition with one another.

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Bigger Isn’t Always Better: Microcontent for Web Design

Microcontent is a type of UX optimization that taps into the power of brevity, minimalism, and our limited attention spans to drive engagement. It’s certainly not a new tool in the marketer’s kit, and in fact, every website is already using it. The question is, do the creators of these websites understand the power of microcontent for web design? Or is it falling by the wayside in favor of bigger marketing goals?

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Why Writing is Crucial for UX Design

You have a message that you want to communicate to your target market. Maybe you even hired copywriters to craft a compelling story that you just know will resonate with your audience. But sometimes even the best copy can fall short if it's not displayed in a way that's easy for web visitors to read. This disconnect between your audience and your words can often be remedied by having a UX writer fine-tune your web copy. If you've gone through the trouble of designing a site that is easy to navigate and intuitive to use, go the extra mile and make sure that a UX writer also has a hand in how your website's written content is displayed.

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