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Molly McCarthy

Molly has a background in human-centered design and has a passion for making products that are a joy to use. Her unique blend of creativity and analytical thinking allows her to push the envelope in all thing design. Molly loves designing for the emerging world of mobile interfaces and enjoys the challenges that come with working in an ever evolving digital landscape.
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What is Growth Design? How To Utilize the Relatively New Design Concept for Your Website

Are you building for growth or longevity? To some people, these are the same thing ... but they’re not. While growth can help create longevity for your business, both objectives require an entirely different strategy to achieve them.

As it relates to your company or brand website, a growth objective demands a unique focus that you won’t necessarily have if you’re simply targeting a product launch. So, what is growth design? In this post, we break down this newer design concept while outlining best practices to help you master this strategy.

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Modular Web Design: Building a Website that Grows with Your Business

The traditional website development process typically attempts to solve the problems of a company’s current site; whether it has outdated content or broken links, needs a refreshed look and feel, lacks the latest features and functionality, or because it’s no longer generating the right kind of leads for your business. The pages are developed independently based on the content that’s there and in isolation of other pages within the site.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Trust Your Web Designer


Your website is the face of your business and you have strong ideas about how it should look and interact with its users. If you are hiring a web design agency, you should know going into it web designers are a key component to the success of your project. It is in your best interest to trust us.


And here is why.

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