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5 Reasons Why You Should Trust Your Web Designer

5 Reasons You Should Trust Your Web Designer


Your website is the face of your business and you have strong ideas about how it should look and interact with its users. If you are hiring a web design agency, you should know going into it web designers are a key component to the success of your project. It is in your best interest to trust us.


And here is why.

We are here to solve problems. 

A common misconception of web designers is we are here to make things look pretty. In reality, it goes much deeper than that. At our core, we are problem-solvers. Once we understand your current challenges online and your business goals for the future, we are able to put together our best recommendations. A good website is a tool for your business, not just a brochure. Your web designer is your guide to improving your online presence and meeting your business goals.


We have a deep knowledge of online user behaviors. 

Web designers have a deep understanding of user behavior because we are constantly designing, tweaking, testing and changing. If you are considering making major changes to your site, we are here to be the voice of your users. There may be behavioral trends and patterns you have not considered. For example, many clients become married to the idea of “above the fold.” While yes, it is important to create a hierarchy of your most important information, shoving everything into a 1000 pixel tall space is not a good idea. Thanks to long-scroll websites such as Twitter and Facebook, people inherently know to scroll down the page to reach more information.


We are automatically thinking of responsive implications.


Being able to visualize how a web page will adapt to responsive devices is a trick that takes years of practice. Your web designer can use this skill to identify mobile pain points of a design before they are visible to the client. This makes it important to listen to the designer if the responsive alarm bells start going off. Many times, your designer can use some creative workarounds to adapt tricky parts of your site to a seamless responsive experience. But be wary to heed your designer’s warning of any major roadblocks that may leave you with diminished functionality or poor user experience.


We put your business goals and success first.


Creating a website for your business can sometimes become a very personal journey for the stakeholders. Because of this, it can be hard for a client to separate their own personal wants and needs from the what is truly best for the business. A great web designer can help you weed out what is truly best for your site and what may not add any value. We make decisions basedon logic, not emotion, ensuring that you are getting the best product possible.


We care about our clients!


At the end of a project, we aren’t happy unless you are happy and have a beautiful, functional site that adds value to your business. Throughout the project, it is our job to make sure we are meeting and exceeding your expectations. We work hand in hand with you for months to ensure your new site has the best user experience and impact. The best part of any project is launching a brand new site and seeing the excitement on our clients’ faces.


Remember hiring a web design agency is a partnership. You will work hand-in-hand for months and delivering a product you love is always the end goal. Hire a web design agency with experience, a broad portfolio that spans many industries and ask questions about your web designers and their experience. And once you choose to trust a web design agency, hand over the keys. If you have questions about the web design process, contact us today!



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