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How Google's Broad Match Modifier Will Affect Your PPC Campaigns

Google makes small changes to its algorithm every day. But every so often, it releases a significant update that rocks the marketing community.

So what's the latest big change you need to know?

Google’s is changing the way search engines return paid results for keyword queries.

Why is this important?

Because keywords form the basis of how pay-per-click ads work, this update may lead to drastic changes in pay-per-click (PPC) campaign effectiveness.

Keep reading to learn what you can do to adapt your keyword and PPC strategy accordingly.

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Benefits of Google's Local Trust Pack for SEO

"Shop local" is a movement that encourages buying locally to increase regional economic activity and improve the collective wellbeing of one's community. One way businesses can capitalize on this concept is making sure they are ranking in local search results.

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6 PPC Strategies to Improve Click-Through Rates

During these day-modern challenges, it’s smart to be proactive about your PPC management. Set a goal to improve your click-through rates with a nuanced PPC campaign. With a few strong PPC strategies in your digital toolbox, it’s not difficult to encourage audience click-throughs.

Continuous updates and data-driven decisions are critical components of successful PPC strategy. This is true whether you handle all of your PPC campaigning internally or use PPC management software.

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