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The Best Web Design Firms Don’t Outsource - The Creative Momentum

Updated on June 17, 2024
Posted on November 24, 2013 by Michael White


The Best Web Design Firms Don’t Outsource

Creative agencies that have to outsource become a little more than middlemen. Whether they can’t handle the scope of a project, or are simply overworked, outsourcing is just an easy way to make a few bucks. Unfortunately, outsourced work, is by, definition less reliable, especially when it’s sent to an overseas firm. You don’t want ‘decent odds’ that your website will be exactly what you envision; you require quality work with good service. The best web design firms communicate with you, personally. Work outsourced overseas may suffer from language barriers, compounded by the fact that you’re going through a middleman. This spells “bad service.” Hidden fees in the form of foreign licenses and tariffs love to emerge when crossing borders, too. Nobody likes hidden fees, they’re insulting. Even the word tariff is obnoxious.

When You go Online, Every Day is Judgment Day

It’s basic psychology: people often pass judgment based on the most fundamental thing about a company. Online, it’s literally how you look. An interesting, well-designed website makes you look professional. In fact, the best web design firms can make you look like whatever or whomever you want, to a demographic of your choosing. Work outsourced overseas can fall short of your demographic goals due to simple cultural and language nuances, which are difficult to translate. Looking professional implies that you are professional, insinuating that you are serious, responsible, and prepared to conduct business quickly and effectively. Quality is a must, so take your time when examining the best web design firms. It’s a big decision; don’t overlook it. In fact, outsourcing, while looking attractive (financially) initially, can actually cost you much more in the long run when you are having to hire another company to make up for the company that you hired overseas.

Make Sure You’ve Got the Right Nerds at Your Side

Now translate the opening paragraphs to your issue. Simply finding the cheapest company is not a viable way to guarantee quality. According to Techrunch, alone has hosted over 2.3 million jobs, many regarding web design. Sorting through even hundreds of web design companies for quality, home-grown work is a heavy-duty task. The best web design firms will provide real examples of high-quality work, and it’s easy to see their credentials. They also won’t outsource your work. Outsourced work frequently falls shy of consumer standards. When you are handed a ‘finished’ product that doesn’t meet your standards, be ready to shell out even more cash when you hire someone else to make it usable. Fixing sub-par work can be time consuming and require more professionals… professionals + time = $. Your $. Or you can learn how to fix it yourself, assuming you have time to master a trade skill. Since that’s not a viable option with your busy schedule running a business, your best bet is to perform due diligence and find a web design firm that will do it right the first time.

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