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Best Web Design Firms: What's Behind the Momentum?

Updated on May 28, 2022
Posted on September 10, 2013 by Michael White


Best Web Design Firms: What's Behind the Momentum?

It's a glorious Fall Tuesday morning and Joe is ready to sit down in front of his laptop with his morning coffee. Today is the day he will find and purchase the ultimate marketing automation software for his small business. He navigates Google’s organic search results for the appropriate keywords and stumbles upon a few different websites with relevant services. But, wait… one is cluttered, disorganized and dull while the second site displays a short video on the landing page, maintaining a clean, simple, and customary design. He could be stressing a decision between the two companies, but let’s face it- we all know where this is going…

These days, your website is your credibility, branding, and the cornerstone to your companies success. The days of traditional, push-pull advertising are gone and consumers are seeking you out and measuring the validity of your business before you have a chance to change their minds. Here's the toughest challenge: you have about three seconds to capture their attention and keep it long enough for a conversion (whatever that may mean). Selecting one of the best web design firms may just be your path to success.

So what's behind the momentum? What makes the best web design firm that has the ability to transform your business and increase your bottom-line?

Well, it's not too different from the culture of any successful company. It takes innovation, collaboration, and most of all setting the trends for others to follow. Measurable success online is what we strive to accomplish. But how do we arrive at the position of one of the best web design firms? Anyone can run with a template design and a few piping hot cups of java. There are so many ways to go above and beyond what is asked of a client.

Company culture at The Creative Momentum thrives on collaborative passion fueled by coffee breaks and Clash of Clans strategy discussions. If you were to come to our office you might hear things like:

"David, I need dragons!"

"Guys, I just got upgraded to the crystal league."

(If you're unsure of what these phrases are referring to, download clash of clans. You won't regret it.)


Clash of Clans

Carl Widdowson, the CEO of the Creative Momentum has been designing and developing beautiful websites for over thirteen years and through his expertise we are able to navigate projects with ease. You can find our team gathered around working our fingers to the bone to ensure the execution of flawless web design and customer service. The importance of a relaxed and open environment, like the one we have cultivated here, is immeasurable and this is ultimately the source of our momentum.

Becoming one of the best web design firms involves team work and sometimes a lack of sleep. However it's all completely worth the blood, sweat, and tears when we have the opportunity to witness our designs and results come to life.


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