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Expectations for a Website Redesign

Updated on June 17, 2024
Posted on October 15, 2014 by Michael White



Expectations for a Website Redesign

What to Expect from a Website Redesign

Everything you read about increasing your customer base mentions content marketing, responsive website design, social media strategies and optimizing the mobile user’s experience. Your eyes glaze over like the donuts you sell, even though your business partner says you need an online marketing strategy.

You don’t need a website redesign. Aren’t the lifelike photos of your decadent dozen enough “content” for your website? The hot, gooey donuts loaded with frosting and oozing fillings of chocolate, hazelnut and caramel sell themselves.

Well, except for when customers want the caramel-filled, red velvet donuts that look so yummy on the page but you stopped making. Or when you hear about someone who wanted to buy your donuts but it took so long for your “about us” page to load on their smartphone that instead of waiting for your address they found another nearby donut place. It’s not as tasty as yours, but it’s easier to find.

And so you finally agree to a website redesign. What should you expect?

Current Content

Redesigning your website includes updating the content. When your products or offerings change, so should your website. Now is the time to update the presentation of your information--your content must be engaging and in a format viewers are used to seeing across the web. For example, in addition to your mouth-watering photos, add an explainer video showing how your donuts are equally delicious at 2am on Saturday and 8am on Monday. Include a menu and the food review naming your donuts the best in town, or share a secret recipe with people who join your email list.

Ease of use on any device

Your website needs to load quickly on tablets, phones, computers and whatever the next new device is. Viewers need to fully experience your site no matter what device they use. Responsive design is no longer the way of the future—it’s what your website needs today.

Positive representation of your brand

When potential customers visit your website, everything they see and hear should be consistent with your business image. They should quickly grasp what you offer and why they should buy from you. If they’re not impressed in ten seconds, you may have lost them for good.

Achievement of your business goals

You have a website for a reason. Maybe it’s to let customers know where you are and what you sell. Maybe you want to expand your email list or ensure that people looking for plain donuts don’t waste their time visiting your shop because your most boring donut has two toppings and a filling.

A successful website redesign includes a review of your business goals for the site. Just as the look and content of the site must be consistent with your brand, the design must be consistent with your business goals.



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