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Why Websites Need Explainer Videos



Why Websites Need Explainer Videos

Every website needs explainer videos because not only are the benefits of explainer videos quite extraordinary, but they are also more engaging than the boring content most websites contain. We are a very busy world that is always on the go and if you cannot capture our attention quickly, we move on. Another benefit with explainer videos is that you can share and advertise them. In addition, an explainer video is much more efficient for your value proposition with regards to your product or services.

"Nearly 1.3 billion people watch an average of 162 online videos each per month worldwide" (comscore).

We recently found that out of everyone that watches our explainer video on our home page, 70% are engaged, meaning they watched 70% of the video. We are very happy with that percentage, which can be due to the quality of work that went into it.

Speaking of what went into it-below is the process for putting together an explainer video:

Step 1: Research, Value Proposition, and Script Writing

This is where research is done for your company's industry. From there, it is all about "what are you offering?", "how are you different?", and "why your company?." This is also where the style of the explainer video is chosen-animated, vector, clean, etc... Once all of the research is done and a value proposition is put together, then the script is written. It can be informational, factual, funny, in the form of a story, etc....

Step 2: Storyboarding

In this step, story boards are put together in order based upon the script. It is a scene-by-scene drawing, as seen below:


Explainer Video Story Board

Step 3: Animation and VoiceOver

After all the story boards are finished, then the voiceover of your choice (male, female, accent, etc...) is put into place and timed correctly based upon the animation. This is the most time consuming part of all the steps.

Step 4: Production

Final edits are done here, as well as including music in the background if you so desire. And then you have something like this:


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