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Five Things to do When You Launch a Website



Five Things to do When You Launch a Website

Your website is beautifully and flawlessly designed, your team is thrilled about the looming boom in business, and it’s time to go live… But is it really that simple? Launching a new site can be difficult and frustrating, however the trick is to be patient. Gaining an audience and increasing traffic to your page doesn’t happen overnight when you launch a website, so it’s important to remain strategic and diligent. Your redesign will pay off but it may take time. On average, a redesign takes anywhere from three to six months to get the traffic you want after you launch a website.

1. Promote it

Prior to when you launch a website, it is important to create buzz among your current customers and followers on social media. Immediately following, it might be a good idea to notify and promote the page to your customers through an email marketing campaign. After you’ve done this, there are several ways to advertise your site and influence new visitors. A Google Adwords campaign is the most cost effective way to do this. However you need to be aware that whoever manages the campaign has to have a thorough knowledge of Adwords, or it could turn into an ineffective and costly promotion vehicle.

2. Watch the Statistics

After you’ve set up your Adwords campaign, you can monitor your site with analytics tools that offer an Adwords plug-in, like Google Analytics. This way you can visualize and monitor page-by-page performance. From here, you can continue to promote pages that are in need of an increase in unique visitors.

3. Monitor Your Search Engine Rankings

Once your Adwords campaign is managed correctly and your site is effectively optimized, you should be able to watch your website rise up in organic search results. Search engine users are much more likely to click on the top three results in any given keyword search. It is vital to invest in proper SEO techniques because inevitably this is what drives an increase in new visitors when you launch a website.

4. Keep Your Content Relevant

It is also important that you keep your website content relevant and up-to-date for your growing audience once the website is launched. A content management system (CMS) can make this possible without compromising the custom design of your website.

5. Witness Your Traffic Increase

Congratulations, you have now successfully launched and promoted a new website. Sit back, relax, and observe as your bottom line increases exponentially.

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