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Responsive Web Design


Responsive Web Design


129.4 Million People in the United States own a smartphone - is your website responsive?

For the first time last year smartphone penetration crossed 50 percent, led by Android phones. People spend 63 percent of their time online on desktop computers and 37 percent on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, according to comScore & The New York Times.

"Responsive web design is almost a requirement with all of our clients at this point," says Michael, VP of Customer Relations for The Creative Momentum, an Atlanta based web design & development firm. "Almost everyone is asking for it with the growing use of mobile devices and tablets-we get so many clients that come from a template or flash website where their website will not display on an iPad or responsive web design was never incorporated".

Some of the most important things to consider with responsive web design is the branding, menu, and a clear message. In most cases, a responsive web design can have rich graphical content and still adapt to any resolution. Take out any unnecessary information and only focus on what is most important to your visitors.

In summary, "less is more" for responsive web design.




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