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Google to Unveil Google Plus Advertising

Updated on April 14, 2024
Posted on January 22, 2014 by Michael White

Google is in the process of testing and unveiling Google plus advertising - Google+ Post Promotions. Originally we thought - awesome, now we can finally promote across the Google+ social network: when in reality it will be across the enter display network. Now at first this disappointed us, but once a little more research was performed we realized: this is genius. The Google display network reaches 90% of internet users worldwide. In essence, these advertisements will not be confined to a still blooming social network mostly dominated by marketing professionals: they will be promoting not only a brand but the social network itself across the world wide web.

According to Google's director of global brand solutions Gretchen Howard, "Over the past little over a year, we've been really thinking about how we build out sharing and recommendations into all of our ad products," she said. "We thought the next logical thing would be for brand advertisers to have conversations within the ad."(Google+ Extends Extends Reach Across the Web with New Social Ads)

What is the goal of social media advertising after all? First and foremost it is a branding channel and a realm owned by the consumer to facilitate real conversations about their lives and brands that they use. Google's goal of marrying the rest of the internet to a social arena will accomplish just this and more.

As discussed in TechCrunch, "Brands can now take any photo, video or even Hangout that they create as a publicly visible piece of content on Google+, and then pay Google to turn that into an ad for its network, which is used by over 2 million sites worldwide. Google says this “lets brands think of the entire web as their social stream." (Google Starts Testing Paid +Post Ads)

There is an interesting difference between these advertisements and the social extensions linked to Adwords. Instead of charging the advertiser each time a user clicks on the ad, they will be charged when a user simply hovers over the ad for more than two seconds. This will certainly cause the "click-through-rates" (or I assume now "hover-over-rates") to increase dramatically. That being said, depending on the budget and placements, this gives social advertisements the power of search engine marketing.

Google is constantly challenging the status quo in the online industry and this just proves their resolve once more. They will continue to provide marketers and consumers with the opportunities for unending engagement, while connecting all of us to information that we need.

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