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Twitter Rolls Out Updated UI Redesign

Twitter began beta testing a new UI on their website synonymous to the recently redesigned mobile app and the new Apple iOS7 software a few weeks back, and have finally gone live with it as of this week. The new interface displays a more clean, and up-to-date user experience with a flat, simplistic design and a new image sharing exposure. The 140 characters was no longer cutting it in the world of Instagram and Pinterest.

Twitter Rolls Out Updated UI Redesign

Other noticeable differences include the new location of the Twitter logo: it has migrated to the center of the navigation bar. All icons have also been updated to match the mobile application with the lighter colors and flatter appearance. The direct message icon was designed as a cross between a mail and chat icon. One new feature allows users to attach images to direct messages.

Twitter Rolls Out Updated UI Redesign 2

Above all, Twitters roll out of this modern design secures their position as one of top social media networks. They recently announced a potential partnership with the e-commerce company Stripe to begin selling products on the social network.

According to the Wall Street Journal, "Allowing consumers to purchase items through Twitter would remove the step of redirecting consumers to the retailers’ site, making it more likely consumers will go through with the purchase. That could create an important new revenue source for Twitter, which today relies primarily on ad sales." (Twitter Teaming Up with Stripe for E-Commerce Initiative)

This potential partnership combined with their freshly redesigned website will surely keep the San Francisco company far ahead of the curve. It will be undeniably interesting to watch where they will go from here.



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