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Custom Website Design for Greater....Everything

" The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create it"- Peter Drucker


Custom Website Design for Greater....Everything

At first blush, a canned website design seems like the perfect fit for many businesses. Sure, your choices are a bit limited, but who cares when the price tag is practically non-existent. You can always “personalize” the look with your logo and a couple of great color choices. And really, who’s gonna know your website was slapped together using a template and the help of the next door neighbor?

Great ideas…but backward thinking. Your website is the first opportunity you have to impress potential customers, and you’ve only got seconds to do it. A custom website design is the only way to go, and here is why.

1. Greater Compatibility - Working with a professional designer solves one of the biggest problems websites encounter: compatibility. From multiple search engines to a variety of devices, your website has to look great and function for everyone. Having your site professionally designed will ensure this.

2. Greater Visibility – No matter how much you tweak a canned website, making it your own, you likely aren’t versed on the latest SEO techniques. A custom website design will make sure your site is attractive to both your human readers and the search engines, giving you greater visibility and higher rankings with search engines.

3. Greater Value – Basic economics seems to prove that the cheapest option is the best, but in the case of website design, that theory just doesn’t hold water. A professionally designed site means, you won’t find yourself paying crazy maintenance costs or extra money on features you need. The initial cash layout may be greater with a custom website design, but the investment will continue to pay out.

4. Greater Objectivity – You are the expert in your line of work. You know your products inside and out. Your job is developing and growing your business, not objectively looking at design elements and competitor websites to translate your vision into a workable site – that is what the professionals are for.

5. Greater Sales – Let’s face it, the most important reason to have a professionally designed website is your payday. A site that is stunning to look at will catch the eye of a new viewer, making them more likely to click around. The more they click, the greater your conversions are.

In short, having your website professionally designed translates into a bigger payday for you with less headaches and a smoother experience for your viewers. The question isn’t why should you have a custom website design, it is why wouldn’t you?

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