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How to Increase Shopping Cart Conversions on Your eCommerce Website

Updated on July 8, 2024
Posted on February 1, 2018 by Matt Stewart
How to Increase Shopping Cart Conversions
There’s nothing worse than carefully guiding customers through every stage of your eCommerce website only to lose them right before they pull the trigger. Shopping cart abandonment can be a tricky problem to address, but with these time-tested strategies backing you up, you can substantially increase your shopping cart conversion revenue.  
Minimize Checkout Steps

To increase conversions, you need to make their experience as easy as possible. This begins with how you structure your checkout page. Conversion studies show that single page checkouts support conversion far better than multi-page checkouts, likely due to the minimized number of clicks and pages that customers need to scroll through. The more steps you make them go through, the less likely they are to convert.


Make It Easy to Continue Shopping

Another UX strategy, eCommerce sites should readily feature buttons that let users continue shopping—even on the checkout page. If customers make it to checkout and realize they forgot something, they’ll want an easy way to navigate back without losing their cart details.


Don’t Require Registration

Forcing users to log in before checking out is a huge barrier that absolutely kills conversions. In fact, one major eCommerce website claims to have increased conversion revenue by $300 million simply by eliminating this requirement and letting users check out as guests.

Remember, the goal of eCommerce websites is to create an effortless browsing experience. Reduce unnecessary barriers like these if you want more revenue.


Create Wish List Options

Wish lists are easy wins for conversion optimization. Wish lists encourage participation with your website, even if customers aren’t yet ready to buy from you. Let them dream and give them the option to save their details across site visits so their desired items are always front and center.


Provide Clear Shipping Details

Based on surveys of consumer behaviors on eCommerce sites, as many as 28 percent of shoppers abandon their carts if they’re hit with unexpected shipping costs. In fact, the report shows that shipping issues are the biggest cause of shopping cart abandonment across all issues surveyed.

But retailers should note that this statistic refers to unexpected shipping charges. Customers get that they’ll need to pay a premium for fast shipping—as long as they know what they’re paying for. Be up front with clear shipping details to prevent catching your customers off guard at the point of purchase.


Don’t Give Up On Them

While it can be frustrating to see customers with full carts abandon their purchases at the last minute, you can’t give up on them yet. The above consumer surveys found that 54 percent of shoppers will purchase abandoned items in their carts, if the products are offered again at a discount. Take advantage of this to boost conversions:

  • Leverage retargeting ads to help direct them back to your page from other sites.
  • Save their cart details across each visit so they don’t have to find everything again.
  • When they return, create customized pop-up messages that welcome them back and ask them to pick up where they left off.

Shopping Cart Conversions Are All About Effort

Many of the conversion optimization you’ll make on your website follow a similar theme: Taking the effort out of the shopping experience. Save their information for them when they leave, make site-wide navigation clear, and reduce interruptive checkout barriers as much as possible.

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