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How to Sell SaaS (Software as a Service) Using Web Design

Updated on September 25, 2023
Posted on July 29, 2020 by Matt Stewart

Learn how to sell software as a service through these specific web design tips. A megaphone on a   purple background with computer, phone, dollar symbol and other icons.With platforms like Squarespace and Wix, it’s easy for anyone to build a website. But simply having a website doesn’t mean it’s going to be effective for selling software-as-a service (SaaS). Selling SaaS subscriptions is similar to selling physical products but with a few key differences. Follow these web design tips below to promote and sell SaaS.

Put a Clear Value Proposition Above the Fold

At the top of your SaaS website, include a value proposition for everyone to see.

In one sentence, tell potential customers what you do, what makes your service unique, and how you do it better than everyone else.

A prominent value proposition may be the difference between a potential customer staying on your page and moving down the sales funnel or bouncing from your site to check out a competitor.

For example, if you’re looking for accounting software, QuickBooks and Wave both do the same thing. But the way they do it, their dashboards, their analytics and their benefits are very different. How do potential buyers know which one is right for them?

Make a list of a few value propositions you like and try them out one by one. Keep track of which ones work and which ones don’t. Then, stick with the one that offers the best conversion rate, and place that descriptor above the fold on your homepage.


Include "How It Works" Videos or Photos

Before website visitors hand over their contact information or download any demos, they want to make sure that they’re going to like using your product. While it might not be as easy as taking some photos of a physical product, it’s important for SaaS providers to include screenshots and videos of their product in action.

Loading up your website with pictures and videos will give top-of-the-funnel visitors an idea of what it looks like to use your software. Really show off what your product can do! Plus, including images and videos helps break up the monotony of text and makes your website more user-friendly.


Focus on Security

SaaS companies maintain databases of important user information, and potential customers want to know that their data is safe and protected. While it doesn’t need to take up a major chunk of space on your website—or get too technical—its a good idea to include the general principles and technologies you use to keep information secure. It’ll make potential customers feel safe and help ease their doubts as they descend through the sales funnel.


Include Call(s) to Action

Customers need to be guided down the sales funnel. If your website is full of product information but doesn't indicate where clients can take the next step, they’re going to leave. Including a call to action (CTA) is a great way to gently nudge customers into moving to the next stage of the buyer’s journey.

Be sure to include CTAs throughout your website. You can put them above the fold, below the fold, or even in the middle of content. Adding a pop-up CTA or a floating CTA is a good way to give website users the option to take the next step at any point during their visit.

For SaaS providers, a CTA can be more than a “Buy Now” button. Include multiple buttons to take visitors to different stages of the buyer’s journey. You could offer a “Request a Demo” button for visitors in the consideration stage next to a second “Sign-Up Now” button for anyone in the decision stage.


Offer a Free Demo

Include free demos, trials and plenty of CTAs in your website design if you sell SaaS. Slack’s  homepage features two CTAS “Try Slack for Free,” and “Learn More.”Speaking of demos, they’re a great way for customers to get a feel for your product without feeling pressured into buying or giving away their contact information. For SaaS providers, demos are especially easy. It requires only a download, no salesperson or shipping necessary.

Make it easy for customers to find your product demos. Include them in your existing CTAs scattered throughout your site. For users who try out your demo, don’t forget to remind them to move on to the next step of the sales funnel by asking them to sign up for a free trial or speak to a sales rep.


Offer Free Trials

Website copy and demos show potential customers only a generic overview of what your product can offer. A free trial is the next step. It offers users a personalized experience and shows them how your SaaS can solve their specific problems.

Free trials have been shown to increase customer satisfaction and reduce the need for aggressive selling tactics. Let website visitors download your SaaS and use it free for a limited time. Then, when the trial is over and customers see how great your product is, they’ll happily send over their payment information.

Before anyone downloads your free trial, be sure to collect contact information. Users who download free trials are either in or very close to the decision stage of the buyer’s journey. If they don’t sign up after the trial, you can continue to send them information about your product to nudge them toward a sale.


Easy-to-Find Contact Information

SaaS products are more complicated than physical products, which means prospects will still have a lot of questions as they reach the bottom of the sales funnel. For this reason, its important to make sure that contact information is easy to find throughout your website. Keep a “Contact” tab on the top navigation menu and link in the footer, include contact buttons in your CTAs, and put a contact form at the end of your blogs and pages.

Many companies include a team page with pictures and brief bios of the people behind the product. Not only will it give customers an idea of who they’re talking to when they contact you, but it can make them feel more comfortable with your product. Afterall, your team is as much a part of your product as the actual software.


Show Off Your Customer Service

With SaaS products, the sale is only the beginning of a relationship with your customers. They want to know that they’re going to be taken care of even after their payment clears. Showcase your customer service to make website visitors feel more confident about your company and more likely to take the next step in the sales process. Include testimonials and awards on your website to show how much people love your service.


Use Website Design to Sell SaaS

Your website is a powerful selling tool, but it needs to be set up correctly to cater to the SaaS market. Be sure to include all the best web design practices along with a strong value proposition, plenty of images and videos of your product in action, security information, several CTAs, demos and trials and easy-to-find contact information to make your website an effective SaaS seller.


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