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Benefits of Infographics for Your Website

Benefits of Infographics for your Website

Who doesn’t love a good infographic? They make looking at information and analytics so much easier, and most of them have a fun and quirky nature to them as well. They’re also easier to share on social media than a long wall of text, which really makes infographics a useful tool in the SEO toolbox.

Infographics and SEO

While calling infographics the future of SEO may be a bit of a stretch, they are incredibly helpful for increasing traffic and boosting SEO ratings. This is because infographics are typically designed to be aesthetically pleasing, making them easier to capture the attention of people scrolling through their Facebook or Twitter news feeds. Unlike walls of text that people have to actually read, most infographics can be skimmed over to be understood.

Here are some ways that infographics can help your website:

  • Visual data is easier to understand and interpret than texts.
  • More than 90% of all our communication is non-verbal, as well as the information that enters our brain – we’re hardwired for visual communication.
  • Adding graphics can boost views by nearly 95%.
  • Viral infographics make you 60% more likely to be contacted for business purposes.

Infographics can be a great part of building a solid inbound marketing campaign. They allow you to spread helpful information in a way that is quirky, artsy, or elicits an emotional response in a way that your average blog post cannot.  

Expanding Your Reach

Infographics can help you expand your reach and build brand awareness. The likelihood of your infographic picture going viral is much more likely than your blog post, after all. In an SEO context, this is great because it attracts more people to your site, giving them the opportunity to explore all of your other content as well. Additionally, as more people start sharing your infographics, you're more likely to have your site linked on other websites as people share your information. All of this together can help plan a role in improving your SEO rating and helping you expand your influence.

The Bottom Pixel

The popularity of infographics can be attributed to two things: we inherently prefer visual data and many people prefer to skim over images rather than focus on reading an article. Many scientists even believe that we process visual information much faster than text. Also, infographics seem to do a great job connecting with a lot of people in a way that other content doesn’t do. They’re fun and helpful, and are typically designed to be informative, not to be a sales pitch.

Whatever the case, we seem to have a bias in favor of infographics over text. Just like other forms of inbound marketing, infographics play an important role in helping increase search engine rankings.


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