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4 Basic — But Essential — Landing Page Optimization Tips

Your landing pages are a pretty big deal — they’re the focal point of your marketing campaign, CTAs, and conversion rates. Whether you’re looking at a click-through or lead generation page, this is where you want to ensure that you’re putting the very best of your brand forward. After all of your hard work, landing pages are the last place where you want the end-user to see blemishes. To keep you on top of your game, here are a few simple tips to get your point across:

4 Basic- But Essential- Landing Page Optimization Tips

1. Clear Information

Now that you got us here, don’t lose us. Walls of text, endless offers, and unclear CTAs are a sure fire way to scare off a potential conversion. Make sure that you use clear headings, succinct content, and lists to break up larger text and improve scannability

2. Logo, Front and Center

Two words: brand recognition. Make sure that you have a brand logo at the top of the page to give users a clear idea of where they are and who they are dealing with. This is particularly important when users are arriving from external pages, such as with a social media campaign.

3. Keep it Simple

Text isn’t the only aspect of your landing page that you want to keep simple. Endless gifs, flashy headers, and a clutter of images screams one thing: spam. Minimize on-site page elements that slow down loading times and increase the chance of a bounce.

4. The Fold

The time-honored rule of thumb in web design has been to keep CTAs above the fold. The issue here is that back in 1997, Jacob Nielsen conducted research to show that only 20% of users read below the fold, and so the obvious conclusion was that placing CTAs below the fold was a sure fire way to drop massively in conversion rates. But here’s the issue. Only about 20 percent of users read past the headline, and your readership drops dramatically anywhere above 50 words of copy. The point here is that the 80 percent of users who scan the headline, but refuse to go below that, are fundamentally lacking in motivation. In other words, the 20 percent that do read on are your key pool for conversions. Placing your CTA above or below the fold may ultimately have very little bearing on your conversions.

Going back over the basics of landing pages, keep it simple, keep it clear, keep it visible and use your best judgment.

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