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Content Marketing is King at Digital Atlanta 2013

“People don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it”. This is the statement that made a huge impact during the first two days of the innovative conference in downtown Atlanta, Georgia: Digital Atlanta. Jon Yarian, a Public Relations consultant began his presentation with this quote and challenged us to see past distributing a laundry list of what can be accomplished for others. Throughout this gathering of the industry’s most admired and knowledgeable experts, content marketing and storytelling were the central theories surrounding presentations and panel discussions.

When we think of brands like Apple, Disney, Gatorade, Facebook, and Microsoft we cannot help but remember the history behind these iconic organizations and their founders. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Walt Disney hold narratives that are admirable, fascinating, and exciting to consumers. We want to know you: your brand, your story, and the journey of your customer from initial need to purchase or engagement. What problems do YOU solve in our society? And most importantly why should I care? Each one of these brands from the very beginning set themselves apart by showing consumers visually and emotionally why they created what they did.

Trust is a sacred virtue even in the marketing world. Consumers want to feel safe and encouraged when they engage with brands. When they interact with one another in person or even through social networks they want to know each other’s stories. Why is it any different when we are making a purchase and building a relationship with a product or service?

These Gatorade and Nike commercials are perfect examples of narratives that move and motivate their audience, without a single bullet point or used car sales pitch.

Whether the plot you’re showing is the anecdote of your brand or a tale of your intended customer, this is how you attract customers. This is how you achieve loyalty, staying power, and unrivaled success. So stop pitching and start sharing.

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