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Is Your Strength in Custom Web Design or Development?

Updated on June 17, 2024
Posted on June 23, 2013 by Carl Widdowson


Custom Web Design

We were recently on a call with a prospect about a custom web design and development project and they asked us if we would consider ourselves better in coding than design or vice-versa? This is an interesting question from a prospect that we have never been asked before.

There was an obvious answer to that question and not an answer to just sell the prospect at the time. A true answer that goes with every project The Creative Momentum touches or participates in.

We said we do both (design and development) to the highest quality. Our belief is you cannot have one without the other. To support that - we design and develop 100% custom websites and The Creative Momentum has been recognized in the Top 10 Best Web Design Firms List Six Months Straight. Just like a cannot succeed a successful ride without the structure of the car being strong and sturdy. When people buy a car, the number one reason for buying a car is reliability. But the structure is not everything in a car- you also need a presentation layer. A design that engages your audience or target market because in this scenario you want them to enjoy the experience and come back for more. What good is a structurally sound car if nobody wants to drive it because it lacks in design.

Just like the car scenario, we make sure all of our websites achieve the ride to the best possible way they can. While riding, the experience is “spectacular" and keeps the prospects coming back for more.

We couldn’t be more pleased with The Creative Momentum. Their ability to quickly translate our ideas into a fresh, clean, easy-to-navigate UI was phenomenal. The code The Creative Momentum produced was so organized and required such little re-work to incorporate that our development team still thanks me for using them!


Karen Beatrice
MobileLabs, Inc.


Also, Mobile Labs was awarded "Gartner's Coolest Vendor Award!", which was in part of our UI design, clean code and responsive services we provided. Very exciting!

We care very much about the cleanliness of our code- from the organization of sprites, to the adaptability our code has for mobile devices. We crave proper tabbed attributes, properly formatted CSS styles, and modularization of our CSS rules.

Our websites are generally 60-75% faster to download than 70% of the websites on the internet. Even though our websites are more design heavy, our technique really allows for a maximum performance. Some of the recent projects that we have completed had a download rate of 6+ seconds (before we started), where we were easily able to achieve download speeds quicker than an average of ~2 seconds. Just for your perspective,, eBay, Amazon, and Apple have an average download speed of 2 seconds, which is considered very good. Ideally it is good to have your website faster than around 3 to 3.5 seconds for optimal performance. You might ask why is this important? With regards to mobile, 3G and 4G are generally spotty in their connection. Also, the faster the user can see your website, the faster they will convert- assuming your website is unique and engaging in design. If your website is slow, people will not wait around.

Our web designs always have a purpose and reasoning behind the awesome colored pixels. We do extensive research around specific industry trends and standards. We also have a handful of techniques that we have tested and we know the advantages that our techniques will provide. One technique we commonly use is called the Gutenberg Diagram. When a user comes to your website for the first time, they generally do not read any of the text on your website. Instead, they will scan your web page in order to see what they are looking for. Overall websites have the same general page layout. The user expects certain components to be at certain locations. They are so use to these locations that they do not even have to comprehend about the locations being there. We make sure that these targeted areas are taken advantage of so that these areas will get the most attention on your webpage.

We put a high emphasis on these areas with magic (lol). We embody these locations with slick, easy to read, and clean typography with a great color theory base that speaks to the user in style. Our designs are alway designed to be high-powered pathing tools, that give the user the ultimate experience.

So to sum up, we do both design and development equally awesome or at least that is what our clients tell us. Design needs a structure to be supported on and code needs to be expressed through great experiences, even though a customer may not even know what is under the hood. Our custom websites are built like a perfectly high performance sports car.

[Real quick note- when a user does know what is under the hood of your website, they do not see it, but they do experience it. Through slow downloads (waiting, waiting, and waiting), glitchy experiences, and web designs that cannot tell a story. The ultimate price you pay is in the fact that they will visit your competitor.]

We tell many clients that we are not a huge creative firm, but mighty and more efficient. We are creative junkies, we are technologists, and we are problem solvers who are very experienced - with well over a decade and a half of experience. We have consumed gallons and gallons of coffee in effort to make sure your website leaves others speechless.

We are an Atlanta-based, full-service web design firm with a workspace that is open, airy, collaborative, and agile. There are no roadblocks to interrupt the workflow, engagement, or creative process. We are a fast-paced creative agency without clutter or confusion. The Creative Momentum is a firm that is blessed to have the most talented individuals in the creative space, as well as a team with over two decades of experience. We excel at ramping up our clients’ results. While our creative firm has a strong management team, we consider everyone who touches your project to be an inspired and motivated leader.

We are The Creative Momentum.

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