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What Is Enterprise Marketing?

Updated on June 12, 2024
Posted on May 3, 2021 by Michael White

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A series of small to midsize marketing campaigns can help you build and retain a loyal customer base, but what comes next? Queue: enterprise marketing. Enterprise marketing casts a wide net, beyond a business' existing target market, in order to avoid growth plateaus.

Successful enterprises execute this kind of marketing by tapping into the full breadth of their business resources. They go beyond their marketing team - utilizing product developers, IT managers, and more - to develop a multi-faceted marketing strategy.

Let’s take a look at some of the specific features of enterprise marketing and how businesses can leverage it to create a highly-effective marketing campaign.



How Is Enterprise Marketing Different From a Typical Marketing Strategy?

💡Enterprise marketing is a bigger, broader marketing strategy that captures more clients for your business.

Enterprise Marketing differs from your typical marketing strategy in these key areas:

  • Multi-Channel Marketing
  • Brand Awareness
  • Brand Diversity

These strategies can drive the growth of your client base and your business as a whole by increasing who is interacting with your brand and where that interaction is taking place.



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Multi-Channel Marketing

Have you found success with a specific marketing strategy in the past, only to see your new client numbers plateau or decrease with time? Your problem may lie in your multi-channel marketing outreach (or lack thereof.)

Multi-channel, or cross-channel marketing, is an important part of enterprise marketing that will allow you to reach new customers across many marketing channels at once. While small-scale marketing campaigns may focus on one or two channels, a multi-channel strategy will target potential clients through:

  •     Social media
  •     Emails
  •     Landing pages
  •     Mobile applications
  •     And more

Consumer studies have shown that targeted multi-channel marketing is up to 70% more effective than other forms of marketing campaigns. With an enterprise marketing strategy, you leverage the expertise of multiple departments to create effective, targeted marketing across a wide array of channels.


Who Can Utilize Multi-Channel Marketing and How?

Multi-channel marketing requires enterprise-grade resources to be executed properly. Small to midsize firms will most likely not have the budget to execute proper testing of strategies, which could lead to poor performance. In addition to capital, large organizations are more likely to possess existing data that allow them to validate assumptions:

  •     Proven offerings
  •     Audiences
  •     Funnels
  •     And more

These resources allow these businesses to test marketing techniques in order to increase the overall efficiency of a multi-channel strategy.

Of course, budget and resources aren’t the only factors involved in a successful cross-channel marketing strategy. Analytics and testing is also required. By utilizing multiple marketing channels, and testing each one, you pinpoint which channels will maximize your ROI.

This is where multi-channel marketing really shines. You can avoid putting all your eggs into one basket if you leverage insights across a wide array of platforms. Is one of your marketing channels underperforming? No big deal. With a multi-channel strategy, you have the ability to re-allocate your budget to a more promising campaign or promotion.



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Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a crucial aspect of all marketing campaigns because it is the first step in converting customer. A potential customer must first be aware of your brand before he or she has a chance to consider it. In enterprise marketing, brand awareness is focused on expanding your target audience.

By targeting outside the box, your brand stays relevant with your existing target audience and taps into new audiences before your competitors find them first.


Social Engagement

One of the most important aspects of brand awareness in enterprise marketing is your brand’s social engagement. This puts a human face behind your brand. Without proper social engagement, brands may come off as robotic, non-empathetic, and uncaring. While this may not seem important, it makes a world of difference to potential clients looking for a trusted partner.

Some ways to drive social engagement include:


Retargeted Ads

Another way to maintain brand awareness and reach potential clients is with retargeted advertisements. These ads are aimed at those individuals who have previously interacted with your brand. This is an especially important audience because these individuals are more likely to be influenced by an advertisement from a brand they've already shown interest in.

Whether they previously visited your website, interacted with an ad, or searched your brand, a retargeted advertisement is an excellent way to remind potential customers about your offerings.



Enterprise marketing software helps manage complex processes -  People discuss marketing software against a large laptop in backgroundEnterprise Level Marketing Software

Enterprise marketing is an extremely complex process with many moving parts. Because of this, many marketing teams utilize enterprise marketing software solutions (often alongside professional marketing consultants). This software combines many complex tasks into one easy-to-use solution:

  •     Multi-channel marketing
  •     Social media marketing
  •     Data management
  •     Analytics
  •     And more

Software like HubSpot, Marketo, and Pardot are examples of excellent marketing automation providers that make the process of enterprise marketing efficient. Depending on your business’s marketing needs, this software provides a wide array of tools that create a highly effective, organized campaign that reaches a wider audience than ever before.



Preparing for the Future of Enterprise Marketing

What does the future hold for enterprise marketing? For global enterprises, it’s extremely important to consider the restrictions of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that is now in effect in most of Europe. Because of the differences in how you can collect data in European markets, the GDPR challenges enterprises that utilize data to make informed decisions about their marketing strategies.

When considering what enterprise marketing software and web content management system to invest in, it’s imperative that you consider the rules and regulations put forth in the GDPR. With 28 countries in Europe enforcing the GDPR, your business could suffer major losses from penalties and fines if you do not ensure your marketing efforts are in compliance.

If you’re just starting out your enterprise marketing journey and need help along the way, contact The Creative Momentum. Our team of marketing experts has years of experience helping companies like yours plan, implement, and optimize marketing programs for long-term results. Visit our site to learn how we can make your enterprise marketing campaign a success.

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