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7 Awesome Blogs to Follow About Inbound Marketing

7 Blogs To Follow About Inbound Marketing

It’s seems like there’s always more advice coming out on inbound marketing, doesn’t it?

It seems that way because, well, it is that way. Content production has exploded over the past few years and digital marketing is (understandably) one of the most popular topics. To help you sort through it all, we’ve compiled seven of our favorite blogs on inbound marketing for your reading pleasure.

1. HubSpot

Does HubSpot need an introduction? Everyone in inbound knows HubSpot; heck, they’re the brand-name resource that sites around the globe use as the final word in their marketing strategies. And naturally, their website reflects this. Aside from their blog, where you can find advice on just about any marketing concept out there, the site features great (and free!) educational tools to help any member of your team brush up on their digital marketing skills. If you’re new to marketing, this is a great place to start your inbound journey.

2. Impact

Interested in taking what you learned from HubSpot and pushing it to the next level? We recommend Impact Branding and Design. While Impact is a purveyor of consulting services and general marketing advice, you’ll note their blogcast is full of in-depth information on mastering HubSpot strategy. As such, it’s a great complement to a beginner’s course in HubSpot marketing and to create an even stronger foundation of basic marketing principles.

3. Seth Godin

There are few names in marketing with as much brand value as Seth Godin. A renowned author and former dot com executive, Godin’s wisdom has been published throughout dozens of books and across countless websites. He takes a laid-back, almost philosophical approach to marketing that’s a fresh change of pace from the white-knuckle metric watching so common in other inbound strategies. Stop by his blog and check it out.

4. Content Marketing Institute

Content is the engine of inbound—something that the Content Marketing Institute understands well. Their blog is a great resource for digging deeper into content marketing and its crucial role in the inbound framework. Plus, there are plenty of great educational resources on the website that are perfect for taking your content strategy to the next level. If you’re struggling to nurture your leads and turn traffic into conversions, this one is a must-read.

5. Backlinko

As the name suggests, Backlinko specializes in SEO and traffic generation. Every marketer knows the importance of SEO, but for inbound marketing, SEO is everything. Backlinko’s blog covers everything you’ll need to know about inbound SEO, from the intricacies of Google’s algorithms to the off-site ranking factors that may be polluting your score.

6. Litmus

Having a hard time mastering your email marketing? We suggest Litmus. As a specialized provider of email marketing services, the Litmus blog is the perfect resource for better understanding your drip campaigns. There’s plenty to read on the importance of A/B testing, effective copy, and team dynamics as they apply to your email strategy. Check it out!

7. Buffer Blog

What inbound strategy would be complete without social media? This is where Buffer comes in. The Buffer blog offers comprehensive insight into social media marketing as it fits in to your inbound framework. There’s plenty of information about playing to different audiences on each social channel, the value of cross-channel strategies, and even newer strategies, such as influencer marketing.

Inbound is the future of marketing

It’s not unfair to say that inbound is the future of marketing. And without these resources, your business may fall behind. Set some time aside each day and do a little reading—you might be surprised at what you can bring back to your company!


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