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5 Web Design Trends That Aren’t Going Away

Posted on May 10, 2018 by Matt Stewart

5 Web Design Trends


Web design trends can seem as ephemeral as fashion—what’s hot one day is old hat the next. But as a creative agency that stays tuned in to the ebbs and flows of web design trends, we’ve noticed that certain practices seem to have real staying power. Here are five trends that aren’t going away any time soon.

1. Video

Who doesn’t love video? It’s a medium known for its high engagement rates and compelling narrative flows. We’ve discussed video at length in other posts, so we won’t dive too deeply into it here. Instead, let’s look at an example of how video supports one company’s web design goals.

Our subject is the restaurant chain Catch Fish and Chips. Talk about high-impact! The first thing you see is a huge fish plopped down in front of you, perfect for grabbing the viewer’s attention. As you read the pop-up text and learn more about the brand, you’ll see how the fish is prepared from ocean to plate. What’s really key here is how the video and text work together—the video waits until the users are ready to read on and saves each “section” until it can be paired with its relevant content. This is a great example of how text and video support each other in web design.


2. Animation

Animations certainly have a place in modern web design. Some examples are scroll-triggered animations that activate when users travel down your home page, or even basic hover effects that appear over specific on-site elements. These contribute to an interactive web experience that engages users and keeps them on-site longer. They’re also useful for drawing attention to specific on-site elements, such as your CTAs or navigation.

A good example can be seen at Made by Few. It’s not overbearing or aggressive. Instead, it’s a gentle animation that’s easy on the eyes and helps the company’s absurdist logo pop. This helps set the tone for what viewers can expect from the company and establishes a brand style that can’t be replicated.


3. Storytelling

In truth, storytelling applies to almost every aspect of your marketing, but it should be featured prominently in your website design. Storytelling is a powerful tool for connecting with your readers and getting them interested in what you have to say. And when used correctly, storytelling is a great way to drive a point home.

Consider In My Mind, an offshoot of the non-profit Club Nova. This website aims to help readers understand the challenges of mental illness by placing them in a guided narrative. By stepping into the shoes of those who are struggling, it’s easier to empathize with their problems—creating the important connection that all storytelling should achieve. And while not every brand can get away with this type of avant-garde narrative, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Just share your brand story. Your viewers will listen.


4. Flat Design

Flat design is a web design style that breaks away from realism and aims for a classic, digital throwback aesthetic. The style typically features simple iconography, crisp edges, and clear distinctions among on-site elements. (Windows users will be well acquainted with this; open up your Start menu for a fast example. Microsoft has been pushing flat design in its UX since Windows 8.)

This is a trend that blends the user experience with minimalism. We like Double Barrel’s approach to this style. It’s minimal. It’s simple. And there’s no confusion about what the product is. It’s not as bright and flashy as other flat design templates, but it’s absolutely perfect for their brand aesthetic.

5. Bold Typography

Bold typography is the last trend on our list. Your typography choice tells the reader a lot about your brand’s desired style, and it sets the tone of the website overall. Minimal, cursive scrawls indicate elegance; large, chunky letters indicate assertiveness and power.
For a great example, who better to look to than the website Amazoniafont? Using a custom typography designed to mirror the wild atmosphere of the Amazon, the website casually displays its unique script while maintaining a professional and stylish edge. It’s simple and effective.


Time-Tested Web Design

Some web design trends may never go away fully. And tapping into these time-tested trends will help you increase the visual appeal of your website. If you need help understanding how to push your web design to the next level, contact The Creative Momentum to discuss new strategies!

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