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Optimize Your Web Design Process for SEO

Updated on June 12, 2024
Posted on May 13, 2019 by Matt Stewart

Optimize Your Web Design Process

Designing a website around strong SEO principles can be a challenging proposition for a web design team. The nature of SEO, which becomes more effective as the website becomes interlinked, means that each project will have many layers that must be completed by different specialists working together. In addition, a client’s priorities are often evolving as the project is being delivered, making the process even more prone to confusion.

Cut through the clutter by optimizing your web design process for SEO. By implementing workflow strategies and communication methods that create transparent indicators of progress, you and your team can overcome the hurdles presented by SEO web design.

Advantages of an Optimized SEO Web Design

By optimizing your design workflow, you are trying to get a look at the overall approach of your design process and maintaining a method of assessing that progress. Starting a project with a roadmap lets you see how well deliverables are being accomplished and where problems are arising. You can also see how you can allocate resources based on your team members’ individual workloads.

Planning for Optimized SEO Design

Well optimized SEO design begins with strong project management values. Here are some of the essential strategies you should use to optimize your team’s web design process.

  • Use project management tools to create a visual representation of the project.
  • Forecast goals and deliverables.
  • Establish regular meetings with team members to assess progress.
  • Prepare regular status reports for clients.
  • Hold regular task review assessments.

Let’s look at each of these priorities and some of the best methods for achieving them.

Project Management Tools

Start your project out on the right foot by mapping out everything that needs to be accomplished, what order those deliverables need to be accomplished in, and who will be responsible for delivering them. Project management tools such as Basecamp or Asana are designed to help organize tasks and clearly assign them to team members.

Once you have your project sketched out, it can be helpful to create a visual representation of the plan. This lets you and your team see the whole project and is an excellent way to make sure that an important task isn’t being neglected.

A visual representation of your SEO design goals is also the best way to accurately assess the progress of your project. This is helpful for your team so they can understand how their accomplishments are advancing the entire design process. In addition, it is the best way to prepare a report for your client on what has been completed and what has yet to be done.


In order to create an accurate roadmap for your project, you should use forecasting to assign deliverables to each member of your design team. By assessing how long each task should take, you can see how well each goal is being accomplished. It also lets you see at a glance who has extra time each week so you can re-allocate resources as necessary.

Your forecasting process doesn’t need to be elaborate. Even a rough sketch of how much time is required by each deliverable will give you a much more informed picture of your process.

Clear Communication

You don’t need to micromanage your employees to get efficient results. But you do need clear pathways for regular communication.

A quick, weekly meeting with all your team members is the best way to insure that problems are being identified and resolved. It gives team members the opportunity to bring up any problems they might be encountering and lets your team find a solution to the problem before it begins to affect other parts of the project. This process is essential for allowing projects to develop dynamically and deliver the best possible finished product to your client.

Regular Client Reports

Being engaged with clients is equally important. Depending on the size of the project, you may not need to communicate with them weekly, but on larger projects a monthly report at the least is key to success.

Producing monthly reports helps your client stay confident that you are delivering what was promised. It also lets them know what goals have been accomplished and if your SEO project is live. A quick analytics assessment can let them know their business is benefiting from your work.

Maintaining regular communication is also the best way to be adaptable to a client’s changing needs. The world of SEO is constantly changing, and what a client prioritized at the beginning of the project may shift over time. For example, their A/B testing might be making them look in another direction for keywords or landing pages. If you don’t have regular conversations with your client, you may have a hard time adjusting your workflow when a new request comes in.

Post-Task Review

Make sure your communication doesn’t end when a goal is achieved. When you reach a milestone, you should take time with your team to be reflective. Identify where problems arose and discuss what was done to resolve those issues. Discussing those problems will help your team avoid them in the future and determine if there hadn’t been a better solution.

Implementing regular task completion review sessions is important not only to deliver the best possible product to your client but is vital to the growth of your team. Every deliverable is an opportunity for your team members to grow and make your design team an even more appealing hire for future clients.

Implementing Project Management Optimization

At the end of the day, you are probably using some of these strategies already to get SEO web design projects out the door. However, by implementing a comprehensive approach to optimizing your project management strategies, you will find an improvement in both your ability to finish projects on time and deliver exactly what the customer is looking for. Keep reading our blog at The Creative Momentum to find out more ways to strengthen your web design process.


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