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Hubspot Sales Templates | A Guide to CRM

Updated on May 18, 2024
Posted on February 24, 2017 by Michael White

Hubspot’s New Sales Templates -- A Starter Guide to Customer Relationship Management

As a Hubspot partner, The Creative Momentum is excited to announce Hubspot has introduced new sales templates, intended for business owners who are new to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and unfamiliar with the benefits it provides.

Using Excel -- or just pen and paper -- works as a business is starting out, but tracking your sales process helps visualize its efficacy and how you want your business to grow. There has been a gap between simple tracking procedures and a full CRM, and now that gap has been filled with simpler, more user-friendly templates. There are three different templates: Sales Forecast, Sales Pipeline and Sales Funnel.

Hubspot’s new templates provide a valuable stepping stone to the full CRM, helping business owners get into the habit of being prudent and tracking deals as they mature. The Forecast template calculates the probability of a deal closing, automating the math. The Pipeline template allows for business customization and continues to track the mathematical probability of deals as they move along, while the Sales Forecasting template focuses on keeping the business process organized.

For businesses using Salesforce, Zoho or GoldMine who are considering a switch to Hubspot’s free advanced CRM, we will highlight all the advantages in an upcoming blog. Stay tuned!

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