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"Alexa, what is the future of voice search?"

Updated on January 21, 2022
Posted on January 9, 2018 by Michael Yang

Alexa, what is the future of voice search?


The Jetsons featured 10 robots during its television run in the 1960’s. The robots could shake out a rug, cook, vacuum, do laundry or bathe and clothe their owners in less than 10 seconds. The main robot character, Rosie, had a wonderful and warm demeanor, personifying a hunk of metal we’ve been romanticizing for almost 60 years. She represented an era that would be easier, with robots taking care of menial tasks and waiting on us, hand and foot.


The robot characters on The Jetsons were set in 2062, 100 years before the show aired. So that makes us … 44 years early!


Voice Search Statistics

Hold onto your hat and get ready to be impressed.


Amazon’s Echo Dot was, “the top-selling product on Amazon, across all categories.” Amazon reports tens of millions more Alexa products were sold this holiday season than last. Alexa can dim your lights, adjust your thermostat, play your music, order a pizza and turn on a movie. It can’t pick out your clothes in less than 10 seconds and get you dressed, but we have another 44 years to master that task.


Even LG has teamed up with Google Assistant and Alexa, planning to incorporate voice controlled microwaving in their upcoming appliances. That’s right. You can microwave popcorn without touching a button.


From Whirlpool to GE to Samsung, voice control is proof that businesses cannot wait another moment to optimize their websites for voice search. This holiday season, people shopped on their Alexa devices for more Alexa devices. They searched for gifts, paper towels, cocktail recipes and ordered Elf for their Fire Stick.


Google reports it has sold one Google Home device every second since October. Your voice can control 1,500 smart home devices across 225 brands. And at CES 2018, the Assistant is on full display, with Google exhibiting for the first time in 3 years.


New Voice Search Guidelines 2018

Google has published guidelines for traditional SEO in the past and voice search is so certain to shake the SEO landscape that Google has just announced guidelines on how to optimize for voice search. We predict voice search will be the biggest industry disruptor since the Palm Pilot (for anyone under 35, the Palm Pilot was the bridge between a home phone, computer and the iPhone). The Consumer Technology Association expects smart speaker sales to DOUBLE in 2018.


If you run a business, we urge you to start optimizing for voice search NOW. Voice search is 5 times faster than text search and is being used 23 times more year-over-year. It isn’t going away.


Whether you’re developing an app specifically for voice search (can we please teach Alexa to order wine delivery!?) or trying to optimize your website for location-specific searches like, “What is the best Chinese restaurant 10 minutes from me,” the future is here. And the future is now.


We are ready for Rosie.

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