Our SEO Process Creates Momentum...
If they can’t find you…they won’t!


SEO is a dynamic and fluid discipline. As search algorithms change their indexing and ranking systems, SEO tactics and efforts must adapt to discover those strategies which work best—so you can stand out from competitors. Every year this gets more difficult, as more and more content gets published. Today, mobile is top priority; but in the future, it may be wearables, or something that hasn’t been invented yet. 

Our methodology covers:

  • Understanding what matters most to your preferred audiences by using the latest research tools and developing proprietary resources
  • Leveraging your exsiting content and determining what you need to do next to make the most impact, with your budget and growth potential in mind. The goal is to drive conversions. Conversions lead to sales, which allow you to invest more in the results we generate!
  • We don't get stuck on being #1. We get stuck on driving the traffic that leads to conversions. If we are #2 for a keyword that drives 100 new leads to you each month, that makes us happier than getting you 20 superfluous keywords that get the #1 rankings, but drive minimal traffic and leads. 
  • We optimize for humans, while maximizing accessibility for search engines and social networks.
  • We can audit and provide optimization and repair action plans; or we can just fix everything for you and your team, both browser and server-side.
  • We determine how we can unify your other digital marketing touchpoints by optimizing not just content, but also strategies—maximizing your marketing mix to lift conversions and ROI, while reducing CPA MoM/YoY.

Succeeding with SEO takes ongoing vigilance and continuous improvement to support your site’s long-term health. We’ll help you expand your digital footprint by driving increasing streams of quality traffic over the long haul.

SEO results take a little time, and when done right, last that much longer!

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The Fundamentals of Our SEO Process

Keyword Research

Keyword research is about user experience. Not keyword saturation. Our Atlanta SEO consultants help you attract the right site visitors by understanding which words will effectively solve their problem, win their trust, and convert revenue – rather than just bring more visitors. We’ll work with you to develop a keyword list that optimizes your content to meet desired business targets.


SEO Audit On-page Optimization

People see a web page with pretty images and text. Search engines see something completely different – something a human may never understand, unless you’re on the core ranking team that wrote Google’s search algorithm consisting of more than 500 million variables! Our SEO audits use sophisticated technology to analyze how search engines view your site, identify problems and structure content for maximum conversion within the context of constant change.


On-page Optimization

A dedicated SEO consultant will test your site’s crawl performance to show exactly how your web presence looks to Google, Bing and Yahoo bots. What may appear fine to a computer user could be problematic or confusing to web crawlers. Our on-page optimization services help you fix and prevent this.


Page-by-Page Optimization

We analyze the content hierarchy of each page for site content structure and impact. Each is assigned a targeted keyword and desired call-to-action. We then optimize each page for an audience and a theme, aligned with a keyword.


SEO Metrics

Landing the #1 search ranking is the holy grail of SEO. True, but there’s much more to it. By digging into the right SEO metrics, you get the right story to make the right decisions. Which channels, links, keywords and on-page/off-page factors are driving bottom-line impact? We’ll install, fine-tune and manage site tagging scripts on your site – such as Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and Omniture – to give you holistic, meaningful insight into what drives revenue.


Competitive SEO Analysis

Organic SEO is the bedrock of your online presence. If you’re not doing constant analysis and changes to move your search rank forward, you’re losing ground to someone who is. Our Competitive SEO Analysis helps you understand which sites are outranking yours. And more importantly, WHY:

  • Competitive Keyword Research: which organic keywords are your competitors targeting?
  • Competitor Backlink Analysis: which critical backlinks have your competitors gained from the global web community?
  • Competitor PPC (Pay per Click) Keywords: which PPC keywords are your competitors buying and what are they spending per click?


Off-page SEO Analysis

While Off-page SEO is an opportunity to find weaknesses in your competitors’ sites, it can allow the bad guys to do the same to you. Our SEO consultants analyze your off-page SEO to uncover any off-page factors that could influence your ranking. We then teach you how to use high-quality, engaging content to gain authority over competitors, including:

  • Relevant link building & advanced link building
  • Social media
  • Server-side redirects
  • Reputation management/online PR


Monthly Reporting and Ranking Analysis

Just the tiniest adjustment can move the needle drastically in your search ranking from one day to the next. Experimentation helps. But that approach is reactive. If you want to win, you must attack it with strategy. Our expert SEO consultants provide Monthly Organic Performance Rankings, which empower you to drive proactive content ideation, content creation and keyword strategy:

  • Monthly keyword performance in the Top 3 search engines
  • Historical movement in keyword ranking
  • Competitive keyword ranking for top competitors


Negative SEO

You’ve built your brand online. Now keep it safe. Creative Momentum’s SEO consultants know which SEO factors are easy targets for a negative SEO campaign such as hacking, fake reviews and link tampering. We can detect and shut down potential black hat tactics and attacks by aggressive competitors.


SEO Penalties / Recovery Services

Penguins and Pandas look cute on TV. But in SEO, they can really jack up your search visibility. If you’re a victim of SEO penalties, our personalized Penguin and Panda penalty assessments and recovery services can help. Creative Momentum SEO consultants know the complex ins and outs of link analysis, removal and disavows. We not only undo the damage. We erase it. And protect your organic SERP rankings for good.


SEO Best Practices Training

Is your content “SEO friendly?” Are you unintentionally doing things that could land your site a spot on the naughty list, or even banned from organic search listings? Let our SEO experts train your content writers, coders and other team members in SEO best practices.


Local SEO

Target local audiences and turn your small business into big one. We’ll optimize your site’s presence for both industry-specific and geo-specific terms so you can rock the local SERPs! What targeted keywords are people using to find you? How can integrated maps boost response rates on CTAs? What magic touches make them trust and ultimately buy from you rather than a competitor?


Video SEO

Did you know video is 50 times easier to get onto the first page of search results than text pages? How do some videos land that “primo” thumbnail spot? It’s not luck. Your brand could pop up next. Our SEO consultants know all the tricks to optimizing your on-site video content. We’ll share best practices for YouTube channels and video SEO tips to make sure your site gets credit (and leads) for video content.