Sales Management

Focusing on achieving an organization's sales objectives through defining sales strategies. This is accomplished through development of account management procedures, utilizing contact management solution systems, conducting sales training, and setting and attaining sales revenue targets


Teaching and mentoring current and future leaders to truly understand how to accumulate, embrace, and exercise the proper knowledge and then to share that power for the betterment of those around them to help develop, support, and promote success and growth in a positive manner.

Revenue Growth

How to forecast and manage the percentage of increase in a current year's revenue in relation to the previous year. Growth is a result of the right components being put in place including positive management, insight selling techniques, superior support, and great products, to provide a total solution addressing the needs of a customer base. This culminates in the financial success of an organization.

Corporate Culture

The values and behaviors that contribute to the uniqueness of the social and psychological environment of an organization. Key tenants of a great corporate culture include;

  1. Stating a clear mission to everyone internally and externally and then living it daily.
  2. Embracing a teamwork approach for everyone while protecting their individuality.
  3. Developing a strategic plan that's easily understood and embraced by all levels of the organization.
  4. Creating an effective and immediate communication network that works unilaterally without repercussion.
  5. Knowing that change is constant and having the courage to embrace it with enthusiasm.

Strategic Team Alignment

When all of an organization's resources are working in an holistic environment to achieve a common goal from the executive suite down to the front line teams. It is the heart of the organization and consists of its people, structures, processes, and systems as they are committed to working in perfect sync with each other toward achieving the common goals.

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