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How an Inbound Agency can Help Align Your Sales & Marketing Process

You are the sales person and know what you need to qualify a lead, so that you can determine if a prospect is worth your time and effort. You are the marketer and you need to understand what information you need to capture for the sales team. Now you are the business owner- do you know if this is happening in your organization? Or is it a battle between departments, where nothing is getting done? You would be surprised at how many companies struggle to ensure the alignment of their sales and marketing teams. HubSpot, an excellent choice in marketing automation software solutions, coined a clever term, Smarketing. This is the mechanism by which an inbound marketing agency is able to help you hone your marketing and sales processes.

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Custom Website Design for Greater....Everything

" The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create it"- Peter Drucker

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Changing the Sales Game to Your Advantage


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Insight Selling versus Solution Selling

If you have been selling into the Business-To-Business world for more than ten years, you recognize that customers do not need you the same way they used to. Something has changed.

Account representatives that embraced solution selling techniques became very successful at discovering their customers’ needs and then selling solutions typically comprised of a combination of products and services. Although customers had a good understanding of their problems, they didn’t necessarily know how to solve them. Now, however, people can easily research and provide themselves their own solutions. This is all made much easier because of the amazing and sometimes dizzying amounts of information made available online. Our customers can access of avenues of information now that only fifteen years ago did not exist, including social media, blogs, subject matter experts, societies, and consultancies, making research much easier to perform.

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