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Mythbusters SEO Edition: 5 Old Wives Tales about SEO to Ditch

The SEO community presents few authoritative voices amidst the endless crowd of upstarts, self-proclaimed gurus, and DIY enthusiasts. Taken in combination with the regular updates to Google algorithms that fuel constant shifts in SEO, the inevitable result is a community plagued by rumors and misconceptions. To help clear the muddied waters, here are a few SEO myths that belong up there with Bigfoot and fan death.

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Basics of Keyword Research & Why It's Crucial to SEO

If you’re trying to create an online presence for yourself, you’ll need to stay up-to-date with news regarding Google’s algorithms. The nature of SEO is constantly changing, and this means what might have worked a year ago is no longer the best plan of action – especially if you’ve been known to practice black-hat tactics in the past.

While it’s known for its rapid changes, there’s one component that always stays the same: keyword research. If your goal is to build a website by following the principles of inbound marketing, you’re going to know how to research keywords and use them properly. Here’s how you can get started.

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5 Ways to Improve Your AdWords Quality Score

In many ways, your AdWords Quality Score is the gatekeeper to a successful paid search marketing campaign. Google has a vested interested in keeping both its users and advertisers happy, and as such, must balance the ads that businesses want to promote with the user experience of the searchers. It accomplishes this by assigning a quality score to each keyword used in a marketing campaign. There are three primary factors contributing to this metric:

  • Click-through rate
  • Ad relevance to keyword or search query – relevance of keyword/search query to ad
  • Landing page quality and relevance to keyword or search query

The success of these factors can make or break a marketing campaign. As such, all business owners should be invested in how to improve their quality score and get more out of their marketing budgets.

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How Keyword Research Drives Your SEO

SEO is nothing new in the website design game.

We all understand it on it a fundamental level: How our pages are structured determines how easily they’ll be found in search. But many website owners don’t understand the intricacies of this process or why they’re not getting the SEO results they feel they deserve.

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High Bounce Rate? Revamp Your Content Marketing Strategy

The history of branded content in the online world is fascinating, having evolved from a curiosity to a must-have for digital enterprise. Content provides education, demonstrates authority for the brand publishing it, builds trust with readers, and as a cherry on top, adds a nice SEO boost as well.

Keep that in mind as we discuss our next concept: Bounce rates.

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