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Are Icons Killing Your Website Goals?

There’s no denying that icons are a huge part of your company’s brand. People recognize images faster than text, and in most cases, your company’s logo (icon) will be the first thing that pops into a customer’s mind when they think of your company.

Icons are great for brand recognition, and they’re a good way to give your audience subtle visual clues about what to expect from your brand. So, with these benefits in mind, doesn’t it make sense to incorporate more iconography throughout your website?

Not necessarily.

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Icons and UX Web Design — A Usability Rundown

Icon use in UX web design is nothing new. Designers have taken advantage of icons for decades to tailor the user experience to be more intuitive, and the trend continues as popularity for mobile device usage rises. Icons serve an important role in helping experienced mobile designers make the most of on-screen real estate, direct the conversion conversation, and bring important elements into the spotlight. That’s why it’s essential to understand UX icon design best practices while you avoid common design mistakes that can influence icon success.

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