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Bring Your Website to Life with CSS Animation

The web has come a long way from the clunky gifs that would often fail to load on Geocities. CSS animation has been building a reputation for itself as a design industry darling for some time now and not without good reason. There are unique benefits to using CSS animation in your web design in regards to functionality, UX design, and style.

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Impacts of Minimalism in Web Design

Choosing the right design for your website is just as important as coming up with your branding and marketing strategies. You want your business' web design to look appealing but not by sacrificing the user experience. 

One of the most common mistakes that web designers make when creating webpages is to incorporate flashy images and plug-ins for no reason other than they look cool.

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What Is User Experience Design?


User Experience (UX) is a design principle that influences every aspect of a website’s development, from initial prototyping to usability testing. It’s about optimizing the page to create a seamless, positive experience that encourages users to stay on-site, to navigate around the page, and to interact with the brand.

In other words, a good UX experience is the difference between who can delight their users the most and who can send users scrambling to a competitor the fastest.


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Web Design Elements You Need to Consider in Your Website Redesign


Yes, there are ways to build a website for free. But does that mean you should? Will your new website be as robust and functional as you need it to be? And, most importantly, will it wow visitors and convert them to customers?


The field of web design changes quickly and often. We have watched web design evolve and been thought leaders in the space. Here are our must-have web design elements.

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