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The Top 5 SEO Best Practices in 2018

We’re now in Q4 of 2017. That means it’s time to start evaluating your website’s organic reach in 2017. Were you happy with your website’s position in Google’s SERPs? Did traffic increase or decrease? If you have not been ecstatic about your 2017 SEO results, consider these 5 SEO best practices in 2018.


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PPC Landing Page Best Practices 2017

There’s no such thing as free access. Whichever direction you’re taking it in, you’re always spending time, money or resources on your digital marketing campaign. When it comes to PPC, there’s a much more intimate and immediate sense of your expenses. It’s right there in the name after all, “pay per click,” and since you are paying, you may want to keep a few best practices in mind when you’re developing your PPC landing page.

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Top 4 Best Navigation Design Practices for E-commerce Websites

The best practices for e-commerce navigation differ from other business websites in several key ways. Overall, shoppers should be able to find what they need quickly and easily. If they can’t find it or get frustrated within 5 seconds, they’re out.

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5 Responsive Web Design Best Practices

While responsive website design used to be optional, there’s no escaping its importance in today’s mobile crazy world. Websites of every kind are adapting their interfaces to cater to the wide range of devices on the market, some with more success than others. And when responsive web design is handled incorrectly, it can seriously detract from the site’s quality. The user experience suffers. Bounce rates skyrocket.

With that in mind, here are a few best practices that any website deeming itself “responsive” must have.

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Website Redesign Process Best Practices


Your website is your digital handshake to all prospective customers. It’s the greeting you extend to visitors to encourage them to join your world. And when it comes to online business, it’s often the make-or-break factor in whether or not a person will buy from you. Research by Adobe shows that 38 percent of users will give up on a site with an unattractive design.

If your site falls into this category, sometimes the best course of action is to slash, burn, and start from scratch. This is easier said than done, of course. All site owners looking at a website redesign need to follow certain rules to ensure the process works in their favor.

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