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The Best Web Design Firms Don’t Outsource - The Creative Momentum

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Why Clients Prefer Wordpress as a Content Management System

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Switching to CSS Image Sprites

Prior to working for The Creative Momentum, I had never used CSS image sprites. I had heard the term, but always considered it unnecessary and overly difficult for the returns that it brought about. Turns out, I was wrong. Given proper instruction and a few tools, creating and using sprites is so easy, I do not even consider slicing images an option anymore.

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Is Your Strength in Custom Web Design or Development?


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Behind the Brand

The Creative Momentum was our choice from the beginning and our team decided on the name of our creative agency because we believe in our team. The brand name was very important, as it is for any company starting up. In our situation it was a little different in the fact that we had over 80 clients from the beginning- clients that we have developed close relationships with since our consulting days. We wanted the brand name to represent an effect that we will distill in our customers. A brand name that would react to our customers’ needs, because in many cases a customer comes to us from a lack of tender, love, and care (TLC), and the close attention it needs to stay alive in a volatile marketplace.

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