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Fidget Spinners and Your Brand

Updated on August 2, 2021
Posted on July 20, 2017 by Alex Jartos

Fidget Spinners and Your Brand Identity

In our ever-evolving world of digital technology, we are frequently exposed to new trends, particularly in UI/UX. For example, a few years ago, some crafty developer came up with the animated scrolling technique known as “parallax.” Even if you haven’t heard that term, you’ve most likely experienced parallax somewhere along your online journey. This is because we have a tendency to want new technology and be the one with the shiny toy.

But is that always a good idea? Sometimes, by adopting new trends, you lose focus on your brand and objectives in favor of simply having wow-factor. Think of Fidget Spinners. They’re fun, trendy and the newest toy. But do they make sense for everyone you know?

And how do you feel about trying to keep up with fads? Is it scalable for your business? Do you have a team to implement them?

How do Brand Guidelines Help?

While it’d be great if you could always have the latest technologies in your website, you have to consider if it is right for your brand. This is where brand guidelines and corporate identity are necessary for maintaining your brand’s look and feel across all of your marketing materials and efforts.

A well-considered set of brand guidelines will lay down a foundation for all aspects of your brand including: 

  • Specific color usage – All web/print communications should be the same pre-determined colors
  • Fonts – Typography is an art. Choose fonts that complement one another!
  • Imagery styles – Some organizations prefer cartoonish infographics, others prefer real photography
  • Voice and tone of your copy – Is your voice formal? Fun? Edgy? Are there terms to embrace or avoid?

Additionally, great brand guidelines will allow room for structured and consistent creativity, allowing you to keep your brand fresh while maintaining recognizability. Stay on track, stick with the trends that make sense for your business and industry.

Let the experts at The Creative Momentum help you maintain consistency in your branding. We work with clients in varying industries to establish guidelines, logo design, business strategy and more. Contact us today for more information.

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