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3 Inbound Marketing Tools that will Drive more Traffic

3 Inbound Marketing Tools that will Drive more Traffic

Inbound marketing platforms present themselves as part product, part marketing philosophy, and part way of life. The general idea of content marketing is appealing on a number of levels and follows current trends. But before bulldozing our marketing departments and meditating on the inbound way, most of us want a tangible sense of what inbound marketing tools can do for our campaigns.

A lot of what these tools have to offer can be boiled down to accessibility. Popular inbound marketing products give your marketing team access to powerful analytics and content management tools without depending on a tricked out IT department.

Do It All with HubSpot

HubSpot pushes its software as an all-in-one marketing solution and it hits pretty close to the mark. You can use it for blogging, email, SEO, social media, marketing automation and more. Features in the software suite allow you to identify low-performing website traffic sources, single out high performing blog and social media posts and create landing pages to accompany paid search campaigns. The folks over HubSpot go to lengths to explain that their software revolves around taking a content marketing approach on your end. As long as you follow through with the advice, HubSpot can do wonders for your incoming website traffic, and it can enhance any inbound marketing campaign by giving you a clear view of your activities.

Consolidate Content with Uberflip

When it comes to your marketing campaign, you can think of Uberflip as the administrative assistant of your dreams. The content marketing automation software centralizes all of your content into a “hub.” This is where your content is organized, hosted, edited and analyzed. You can create different types of CTAs, direct users to premium content, collect information or create custom landing pages. Uberflip also does a great job with analytics enabling you to identify your most valuable leads based on content consumption and get a sense for the type of content that your users want.

Tech It Up with BrightInfo

BrightInfo is a powerful piece of AI that borders on the sci-fi. Its self-learning algorithm (machine learning) scans your website and analyzes everything from browsing patterns and mouse movements to user data like demographics. The software compares individual to crowd behavior and presents visitors with personalized content accordingly. The end result is a tailored experience for all of your inbound traffic, accommodating your best leads and preventing users on the fence from being scared away by irrelevant content.

The great thing about these tools is that they build upon each other’s strengths when used together. Uberflip offers HubSpot integration for landing pages, links, and other features, while BrightInfo boasts dramatic increases in conversion rates for HubSpot hosted websites. Regardless of whether you choose to use these tools alone or together, you can count on receiving the type of insight and access that boosts website traffic.

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