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Your Website is Boring, Get an Explainer Video


Your Website is Boring, Get an Explainer Video

Your Website is so 1992…It’s BORING!

20 years ago, every website was exciting. Sure, sure, they loaded slowly and weren’t interactive, but the very novelty of the Internet made them something to behold. Sadly, the same cannot be said today. In fact, many websites are downright boring and, if you are honest with yourself, there is a good chance yours is one of them. What was considered a cutting edge website changed with technology and a consumer base that is far savvier than decades ago.

However, there are several ways to bring your website into modern times. One way to up the excitement factor of your website is with explainer videos, which are short videos that demonstrate your product or service in new and innovative ways. Companies like Spotify and Groupon use explainer videos effectively to market their business and you can too.

Not Another New Fad

Stop rolling your eyes, this isn’t just a fad -- another widget or gizmo that will go the way of dial-up Internet. Instead, integrating these videos is a valid way to engage your users, increase your visibility and improve your conversion rate.

You can stop rolling your eyes again…doesn’t every new marketing gimmick promise the same? The difference is, properly produced and used explainer videos hit the mark on all levels. In fact, by some estimates, videos can increase conversion rates from 15 – 75%. It seems like a no-brainer.

Simplified Parameters

Since we’ve already determined that your website might be ranking high on the snooze-fest list AND we know that explainer videos make a big impact, doesn’t it follow that you need at least one on your website? While your best bet is professional production, there are a few tried and true rules to follow:

    • Short and Sweet – A two-three minute video is best. You are likely to put a viewer to sleep, or worse, see them click away, if the video is any longer.
    • Words Matter -- Remember, you have just a couple of minutes to get your point across, so scripting is crucial. Every word counts, so choose them carefully.
    • Not a Commercial – If you find yourself selling your product, you’re making the wrong video. Your explainer video should demonstrate your product or service, show viewers what is different about it or introduce a new way to use it. It should never sell the product.


Yup, it seems counter-intuitive to spend a chunk of your marketing budget on a video that effectively sells nothing, but you have to remember the inherent beauty of the explainer video. No consumer wants to sit through a long and boring video describing your product millimeter by millimeter. They aren’t looking for specs and stats - they want to see how your product or service will make their lives better!

Additionally, adding one of these short videos will make your website less boring, which will decrease your bounce rate, increase your click-through rate and, for those of you with your eye on the bottom line, yes, increase your conversions.

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