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Your Company Facebook Page and "Likes"

Company Facebook Page

Your company Facebook page is important and in today’s ever-changing internet technology, there are so many things you can utilize for your website with regards to social media. Fortunately for you The Creative Momentum, based out of Alpharetta, Georgia, has identified a few tips and tricks for one social media avenue-Facebook.

Do I really need a company Facebook Page you ask?



Yes, you need a company Facebook page if you have a business and if you already have a company Facebook page, you need to make sure you are actively using it. I do not understand why people think this is not important, or maybe they think that their business is so unique that they do not need a Facebook page, but yet they want to grow their business. Today, almost every website has a Facebook page (a “f” button usually resides at the top or bottom of their website that links to their company Facebook page). It builds credibility (assuming it is done right) and shows that your company is in the year 2013. But it is easy to slap a “f” button on your home page-now you need to utilize it. Did you know that “as of September 2012 Facebook has over 1 billion active users”, according to Wikipedia? People spend a lot of casual time (14 minutes per day as of June 2012-more than 3x Google’s 5 minutes per day) on Facebook and once someone “likes” your page, anything you post from your company’s Facebook page is posted on their newsfeed. So in a sense you are building an audience. That in itself is what makes Facebook so powerful. Oh and by the way, this helps your SEO (search engine optimization).

How do I get more people to “like” my page?



Start with your friends and family-it’s free and the easiest way to get started. You should put in your e-mail signature (and be sure to include your Facebook page link)-“Be sure to “Like” our Facebook page to see upcoming events in your area”-prospects/customers are more inclined to “like” your page if you are offering something (and it does not have to be a discount). “Like” our Facebook page to stay updated on new software releases! “Like” our Facebook page for a chance to win an iPad Mini.

You can even advertise on Facebook so that people “like” your page for a relatively low cost per click. The Creative Momentum likes “sponsored stories” because if your friend, Bob, “likes” your page, then all of Bobs’ friends will see on their news feed, “Bob likes ABC Company.” and it is more inviting for your page to be “liked” because they know Bob. Then it creates a domino effect of being “liked”, thus getting more “likes”. Kind of confusing? See below for an example of a sponsored story advertisement. Pretend you know Bob and you are scrolling down your Facebook newsfeed-don’t you want to click “Like”? If nothing else, you will say what is iQuest and you will check it out!

Targeting Prospects with Facebook



The targeting on Facebook can be quite incredible. Here is what you might be missing out on- You can not only pick the country, state, and city, but also the gender, age, interests, and broad categories. But Google Adwords gives me some of those options? Yes-some, but not interests and broad categories. You can specifically target small business owners, people that are engaged, parents, people that like dogs, or specific mobile users-For example, you can actually select iPad3 or iPhone5 users as a broad category (maybe you have an iPhone application you are promoting) to target.

Engage your audience



I have “likes” what? Now you need to start posting things to your audience that you have built-start with relevant material. The key is to keep it simple and do not make 7 posts per day (no more than 1 post/day according to Facebook). You might have just paid to get people to “like” your page, so the last thing you want them to do is “unlike” you because you are spamming them! Oh, and you do not have to keep it all business. There is nothing wrong with posting “Happy Holidays from ABC Company”. But try and make it engaging like this: (Let’s say it’s the end of December 2012)- “Like” if you are ready for 2013! Also, uploading a photo of your latest project, case study, or press release, can increase visibility to your audience. You also have the ability to do a poll and we like this option because it is quick for your audience to select one answer and move on with their day-add some humor into one of the answers in your poll to choose from. Your audience likes to know there is a personality behind your Facebook page. The overall goal is to get your audience to do 1 of 3 things: 1. “Like” your post 2. Comment on your post-pick something that everyone is talking about or try starting with a yes or no question 3. Share your post (which shows on all of their friend’s wall). Now you can even pay to promote your post which keeps it up at the top of the news feed longer. Please note that the more "likes", "comments", and "shares" you receive also keep your post up at the top of the news feed. In addition, take into consideration the time in which you post. Did you know that “people engage with pages the most between 9pm-10pm”, according to Facebook? Also, “many restaurants find that posting between 7am-12pm is ideal, while retailers find that posting between 8am and 2pm works best” according to Facebook. Last, if you are too busy to stay engaged with your audience, you can outsource it (we also offer this service-hint, hint).

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